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    Timeout a user accessing a digital representation with a concurrent user restriction

    • Product: Alma



    How is a user's session for a digital represenation calculated so it times out? The library attempts to give access to one concurrent user fur the duration of, e.g. 180 minutes (which mimics the 3 hour course reserve lending). However, we tested and noticed that if User A has an active Alma Viewer window open for more than 180 minutes, User B cannot access the digital representation. Is there a way to timeout User A so that s/he only has access for up to 3 hours?


    The Online Help documentation confirms: “Once a user is granted access to a representation, access is granted again as long as the user's delivery session is alive, regardless of the access right condition.” Our developers advise that we can't control the session length. Generally, the Alma session, or Delivery Session, will expire after - perhaps 30 minutes of inactivity. Alma can't timeout a user after 180 minutes if they are connected and their session is live.

    Additional Information

    More in the Online Help, Configuring Copyright Management.




    • Article last edited: 19-MAR-2020
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