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    Timeout a user accessing a digital representation with a concurrent user restriction

    • Product: Alma



    How is a user's session for a digital representation calculated so it times out?


    As of the December 2020 Release, the functionality of the Concurrent Usage parameter for digital access rights has been improved with the following developments:

    • The user session now times out after the number of minutes configured.
    • Only the configured number of users can view the representation concurrently.
    • A countdown warning message is displayed 60 seconds before the session expires.
    • When a user closes a session, the slot opens up for a different user to view the representation.

    Set-up in: Configuration > Fulfillment > Copyright Management > Access Rights.

    Please note that in order for these new features of the Concurrent Usage parameter to be applied, the New Alma Viewer must be enabled. To enable the New Alma Viewer, go to Configuration > Fulfillment > Viewer Services> Alma Viewer, and then check the "Use New Viewer" box.

    Additional Information

    More in the Online Help, Configuring Copyright Management.

    Click here for the December 2020 Release Notes.




    • Article last edited: 10-MAY-2021
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