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    Update Bib records in bulk without making a change to force a reindex or publish


    How can I force records to be reindexed?  I want to touch several records at once instead of opening the bib in the MD Editor and resaving.


    You can create a normalization process which will add a field and then remove that same field.  The result will be that the record is touched and resaved forcing it to be reindexed (it will also be republished).
    For example, see these rules:
    Once these rules are created in the MD Editor, you can create a normalization process:
    1.  Go to configuration menu > Resources > Cataloging > Metadata configuration > Marc21 Bibliographic
    2. Navigate to the Normalization Process tab
    3. Add a process and give it a Name and Description (hit next)
    4. Select add tasks
    5. Choose MarcDroolNormalization 
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 so that there are two MarcDroolNomalization task added
    7. Go the the Task Parameters and select the corresponding rules from the drop down (order matters)
    8. Now the process will appear under RUN A JOB (Admin menu under Manage Jobs and Sets)
    For more information on configuring processes see Configuring Processes
    For More information on Norm Rules see Working with Normalization Rules
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