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    "Update Inventory" doesn't update item barcodes, proxy information, etc.

    • Product: Alma


    "Update Inventory" import profile updates the bib records, but fails to update inventory.

    For example, barcode information, or proxy information, is not refreshed based on the new input files.


    Common causes are:

    1. For physical inventory, Library and Location information should match between the input file, and the existing items.  Check the "Inventory Information" tab of the import profile and ensure match. Add default Library and Location instead, as relevant. 

    2. This import profile can't update inventory, if it is linked to a closed POL (PO Line). 

    3. If the barcode was updated before the job ran - the import profile will not change it.

    4. Select Advanced (mapping) to update temporary location information, enumeration and chronology subfields, and notes subfields. Link to online help below.

    This profile can not change item location - mapping should be exact, see point #1.


    Additional information

    Online Help exists for "Configuring the Update Inventory Import Profile". 

    Advanced (mapping) restrictions explained in "Use Case: Creating an Import Profile for Multiple Items in Multiple Libraries/Locations".

    See article on "Update Inventory" adds portfolios instead of updating - why?.


    • Article last edited: 11-MAY-2019