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    User ID Generation does not work for new users created via SIS

    • Product: Alma


    We defined an automatic generation of primary IDs (Admin -> User Management -> General -> User ID Generation).

    However, this is not applied when importing new users via SIS.


    This is expected system behavior. :
    "You can configure the automatically generated user identifiers for new patrons that are added when an operator adds a patron on the Patron Identification page"
    And later: "User identifiers are not generated when users are added or edited on the Manage Users page (see Adding Users); they are only generated when adding a patron from the Patron Identification page."

    For SIS, it works differently as described here:
    "For new users, if the primary identifier is not supplied, the system generates a default one by concatenating the first and last name. If this value already exists cross-institution, a sequence starting from 0 is added until no match is found."




    • Article last edited: 16-Apr-2021
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