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    What causes bibliographic records to be suppressed?


    • Product: Alma


    What causes bibliographic records to be suppressed?


    Records may be suppressed for any of following reasons:

    1) The record was intentionally suppressed in the MetaData Editor using: MD Editor > Tools menu > Set Management Tags > Suppress from Discovery checkbox.

    2) Records can be suppressed via the Process "Suppress Bib Records from Discovery"

    3) A Normalization Rule that suppresses records may be included in an Import Profile
    (a) Select Resource Management > Configuration Menu
    (b) Select Metadata Configuration
    (c) Select MARC21 Bibliographic
    (d) Click on the Normalization tab
    (e) Select one of the Rules, "Marc21 Bib normalize on save" > Actions: Edit
    (f) Check the Task List to see if it contains an active Process that "Sets the Suppressed flag of MMS"
    (g) See if the Flag is set to TRUE (the default is FALSE, no suppression)

    4) When the record is added via the menu “create inventory > add physical item” > Holding type is “new” -- the record will be suppressed.

    5) Record has no holdings or they are all suppressed, and suppressBibWithDeletedHol / suppressBibWithSuppressedHol is set to "true" (Configuring Other Settings (Resource Management))


    • Article last edited: 15-MAR-2018