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On December 2022 the Analytics Events subject area will be deprecated and removed

Product: Alma

  • Product Version: December 2022

On December 2022 release, the Events subject area will be deprecated and removed.

It will be replaced with the “Systems Events” Subject Area to enable quicker and more efficient running of reports.

This was communicated in the Alma List, the October 2022 Alma Announcements, and the August 2022 Release Notes.

Events deprecated from December 2022 release.png

If your institution has Analytics Objects (widgets/dashboards/reports) that use values or measures from the “Events” Subject Area, these objects will not open.

We have the following suggestions if you did not replace the deprecated values with new values:

1.       For *reports*: Create a new report using values and measurements from the “Systems Events” Subject Area

2.       For *objects*: Create new objects based on the new reports and delete the deprecated ones.

**Please see this link for further helpful tutorials for Ex Libris Analytics

All the reports created on the Events SA will not be available anymore from the December release. If you need help restoring such reports, please contact Support by creating a Salesforce case.

  • Article last edited: 29-NOV-2022