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    Configuring Alma and Primo to Use Your Institution-Specific Alma Domain


    Updating Alma Configuration and Bookmarks

    To ensure that all access points to your current Alma URL are updated and accessing your institution-specific Alma domain, it is important to update all users, configuration elements, and applications that access Alma directly.

    Update Bookmarks for Staff and Integrating Systems

    Depending on your Alma implementation, not all of the below may be used.
    # Description Details
    1 Browser bookmarks (HTTPS) All staff accessing Alma and logging in to Alma should update their browser bookmarks with the institution-specific <Alma domain>, where university is replaced with your actual domain. For instance,
    2 Identify provider IdP - authentication systems (Shibboleth/LDAP/CAS) Ensure that IdP systems are prepared to allow the institution-specific <Alma domain>.
    3 Self-check machine(s) Reconfigure a self-check machine to point to the institution-specific <Alma domain> to test instead of the instance-based previous domain (such as Once confirmed, update all self-check machines to point to the institution-specific <Alma domain>.
    4 OCLC Connexion Update the OCLC Connexion staff client to the institution-specific <Alma domain> from the previous instance-based domain for one staff workstation. Once confirmed, update all staff workstations to point to the institution-specific <Alma domain>
    5 Z39.50 and OAI-PMH providers Update bookmarks of harvesters to the institution-specific <Alma domain> for Z39.50 and OAI harvest calls. 
    6 Resource sharing Reconfigure third-party resource-sharing clients/vendors (such as OCLC/NRE) to point to the institution-specific <Alma domain>
    7 Direct link resolver calls Any integrating system that may directly invoke Alma’s Link Resolver services should update their bookmarks to: <Alma Delivery Domain>
    As some of the integrations above may involve a third party other than your own library/institution changing a bookmark/URL, it is recommended that you contact any such third parties and coordinate the domain change with them.

    This domain change does not affect the third party.

    Updating Primo Configuration

    Primo Back-Office Setup for the Institution-Specific Alma Domain

    The Alma-specific relevant setup in Primo includes four definitions: Alma, RTA, and API on the institution’s Delivery Base URLs page, as well as the PDS/authentication setup in Primo that determines which Alma to authenticate against for any internal users (typically the vast minority of users) in your organization.
    Delivery Base URLs.png
    Delivery Base URLs
    For detailed information on configuring the Alma, RTA, and API delivery base URL fields, see Configuring the Primo Institution.
    PDS: If PDS is set up in Primo to direct calls to Alma for authentication (for instance, for internal/staff users for testing), the PDS setup domain parameters need to be adjusted to point to the institution-specific <Alma domain> (see Your Alma Domain Names).
    program =
    params =,443,BOR_AUTH,Y
    program =
    params =,443,BOR_INFO,Y
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