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    Non-Preferred Terms in Repository Search

    To activate the feature described on this page, set enable_extender_index_linked_aut to true (see Configuring Other Settings) prior to one of the two annual reindexing processes (see a detailed explanation here). This feature requires a full reindexing to be completely functional. With this feature enabled, existing logical sets for All Titles, Physical Titles, Electronic Titles, and Digital Titles may produce an expanded set of results. Depending on how you use your logical sets, this may affect publishing results. Note that this feature is not available in sandbox environments.
    You can enable repository searches for Keywords, Creator, Uniform Title, Names, Subject, and Subject (LC) to include matches to non-preferred terms in any associated authority records. The non-preferred terms that enrich the search results are taken from the 4XX fields in the authority record for both MARC 21 and UNIMARC records.
    If, for example, there's an authority record Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893 (MMS ID 98124867430000041) that includes Ciaikovsky as a non-preferred term, a search for Ciaikovsky finds a matching bibliographic record linked to this authority record, even though the bibliographic record itself does not include the term. See the example below.
    Non-preferred term (Ciaikovsky) in the authority record:
    Authority Record
    Search for Ciaikovsky:
    Search for Ciaikovsky
    Indexing the non-preferred terms may take up to 24 hours after linking a bibliographic record to an authority record.
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