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    Configuring Invoice Review Rules

    To configure invoice review rules, you must have the following role:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    Invoice review rules determine whether invoices are sent for manual review. See Reviewing Invoices. The rules apply to automatically created invoices that have passed an initial validation but have generated an alert. The rules apply to all libraries in the institution.
    You configure invoice review rules on the Invoice Review Rules rules table (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Invoices > Invoice Review Rules). For more information about rules tables, see Rules Tables.
    Invoice Review Rules Page
    The default rule has no configuration parameters and can only be set to True or False, as follows:
    • True – Send for review.
    • False – Don’t send for review and proceed to approval. This is the default.
    Add or edit rules on the Invoice Review Rules page (select Add Rule or select Edit in the row actions list).
    Invoice Review Rules (Add/Edit) Page
    See the following table for the criteria (input parameters). For Result, True indicates that the invoice is sent for review. False indicates that the invoice is not sent for review and is sent for approval.
    Invoice Review Rules Input Parameters
    Parameter Description
    AssertionCode The type of generated alert. Possible values are:
    • Additional invoice lines are linked to the same PO line – The invoice contains multiple invoice lines that are linked to the same PO line.
    • Currency different from PO – The currency of the invoice is different than the currency of the linked PO lines.
    • Fund is over expended -  Invoice line links to a Fund that is over expended (The fund allows to be over-expended but an assertion is added).
    • High total price – The invoice total price is greater than the value in the PO Line Price Threshold configuration table (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders). For details, see Manage Price and Amount Thresholds.
    • High total price use currency – The invoice total price, after being converted to the local currency, is greater than the value in the parameter invoice_high_total_price. Used when the parameter invoice_high_total_use_currency is set to true. For details, see Configuring Other Settings.
    • Invoice holds vendor account different than some of the linked PO lines – The vendor account of the invoice is different than the vendor accounts of the linked PO lines.
    • Invoice includes negative discount – The invoice’s discount value is negative, thereby raising the invoice price.
    • Invoice Line is linked to an evaluated PO line – The invoice line is linked to a PO line under evaluation (part of a trial).
    • Invoice using different vendor than PO line – The vendor linked to the invoice is different than the vendor linked to the PO line(s).
    • Invoice was disapproved by your manager -  When the invoice is in Waiting for approval and the invoice manager rejects it.
    • Invoice was rejected by external finance system – The invoice was rejected by an external finance system. An invoice may be rejected if it has missing or incorrect information. A rejected invoice is sent for review, to be attended to by a library staff person (see Reviewing Invoices).
    • Invoice with a canceled PO line – The invoice contains an invoice line that is linked to a canceled PO line.
    • Invoice with the same number exists – Other invoices exist with the same number.
    • Invoiced after cancellation – Not in use.
    • Lines not linked – The invoice contains invoice lines not linked to PO lines.
    • Lines not ready – The invoice contains invoice lines with status not ready.
    • Previous Invoice of subscription order of invoice line -  A line in the invoice is already linked to a PO line that has a different invoice line linked to it.
    • Some invoice lines differ in price from their linked PO line – There are invoice lines that have different prices from their linked PO lines.
    • Some linked PO lines’ payment method is different than invoice – The payment method of the invoice is different than the payment methods of the linked PO lines.
    • The invoice was created by an external system and need to be reviewed - Alert sent when an invoice is created by an external system. 
    • The Payment method is not supported by the selected Vendor Account – The selected payment method of the invoice does not match the selected payment methods in the vendor account.
    • Total amount of discrepancy – The invoice’s total price is different than the calculated total price of the invoice lines.
    • Vendor is liable, but VAT is missing – The vendor is liable for VAT, but no VAT is specified in the invoice.
    • Vendor is not liable, but VAT exists – The vendor is not liable for VAT, but the invoice specifies a VAT amount.
    VendorCode The vendor.
    InvoiceLineNumber The invoice line number. To match all invoice line numbers, enter an asterisk (*) in this field.
    InvoiceCreationFormOptions The process that created the invoice. Options are:
    • EDIteur Invoice Message
    • From API
    • From PO
    • Loader
    • Manually (ignore this option; it should not appear here)
    • Any