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    Configuring Invoice Line Types

    The following roles can configure which additional charges are available to add manually to invoices:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    Out of the box, in addition to the Regular line, the standard additional invoice-line types Shipment, Insurance, Overhead, Discount, and Other are automatically enabled for each invoice.
    You can enable additional line types in the Invoice Line Types code table (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Invoices > Invoice Line Types). You can also disable the standard additional line types in this table. The Invoice Line Types option only appears in the menu when the customer parameter invoice_split_additional_charges is set to true (see Configuring Other Settings). Enabled additional line types are available for users to select manually in invoices. For more information about code tables, see Code Tables.
    The settings in the Invoice Line Types code table only affect manually created invoices. Any of the line types in the code table can be included in invoices that are created by the system from POs, PO lines, and incoming EDI invoices, regardless of whether they are enabled in the table. Any additional charges in automatically created invoices that do not match any of the types in the code table are added to an invoice line called "Overhead." See Configuring Other SettingsCreating Invoices.
    • Each invoice can contain only up to five types of invoice lines.
    Invoice Line Types.png
    Invoice Line Types Code Table
    The lines that can be made available for invoices include:
    • All
    • Regular
    • Other
    • Additional Charges
    • Shipment
    • Insurance
    • Discount
    • Overhead
    • Adjustment - This line type is used when Expended for Fund is not selected for the invoice; see Creating an Invoice From a PO or Manually.
    • Supply of approvals/book collections
    • Barcode labelling
    • Classification
    • General servicing by library bookseller
    • Binding
    • Sleeving
    • Data communication
    • Miscellaneous servicing
    • Audio/CD-ROM packaging
    • Security fitting
    • Cataloguing services
    • Commission
    • Delivery
    • Exchange rate guarantee charge
    • Handling charge
    • Small order surcharge
    • Insurance charge
    • Posting charge
    • Packing charge
    • Postage and packing charge
    • Special handling
    • Miscellaneous credit adjustment
    • Miscellaneous charge
    After you enable a line type, you can add it as an invoice line to the invoice in the Add Invoice Line dialog box. Alternately, you can specify its value as a pro rata Additional Charge if, on the Summary tab of the Invoice Details page, under Additional Charges, you select Use Pro Rata. For more information, see Creating Invoices.
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