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    Creating Booking Requests

    To set configuration settings for booking requests, you must have one of the following roles:
    • General System Administrator
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    To create a booking request, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Fulfillment Services Operator
    • Fulfillment Services Manager
    Before creating a booking request for a resource, you first must configure the relevant booking fulfillment policies (see Configuring Policies), create booking terms of use to which you associate the created policies (see Configuring Terms of Use), and then create rules which determine the booking terms of use to be implemented (see Editing a Fulfillment Unit). You then create the actual booking request for an item; the available parameters are based on the configured policies and terms of use.
    For more information, see Booking Requests. (1:44 min)
    A booking request can be placed on an item if there is at least one available item in the institution/library that matches the specified request parameters, and there is no other booking request for the time period you are requesting.
    When placing a booking request on a specific item within a record that contains multiple items, note the following:
    • If the record’s items contain descriptions:
      Only the specific item attached to the booking request can fulfill that request (even though there are other items associated with the record). If an operator tries to loan an item other than the specific item which was requested, the booking request cannot be fulfilled with that item.
    • If the record’s items do not contain descriptions:
      Any item associated with the record can fulfill the request, as the request is placed on the title level. Furthermore, all of the record’s items are available to be used for other requests, provided that there is one item remaining to fulfill the booking request.
    Items reserved in a booking request cannot be borrowed by another requester during the booking request time frame. However, this can be overridden at a circulation desk, in which case the item’s due date is the beginning date of the booking request.
    If a booked item is recalled by another patron’s request, the patron does not have to return it early, but the item cannot be renewed.
    The number of booking requests that are permitted can be limited per patron type. For details, see Configuring Patron Limits.
    To create a booking request:
    1. Search for an item for which you want to create a booking request (see Searching in Alma).
    2. Select Request for the relevant item. The Create Request page appears.
      Create Request 2 New UI.png
      Create Request Page
    3. In the Request type field, select Booking request. The page automatically refreshes and displays the booking request fields.
      Create Booking Request New UI.png
      Create Request Page for Booking Request
    4. In the Requester field, browse for the user that is requesting the booking.
    5. Select the Override Booking Policies check box if you want to ignore the following booking policies and still create a booking request: future limit, maximum allowed booking length, and back to back bookings by the same user.
    6. Optionally, enter a note in the Note field.
    7. In the Start time field, enter the date and time that the booking is to start.
    8. In the End time field, enter the date and time that the booking is to end.
      The Start time and End time are automatically moved back or forward, as necessary, to ensure that they occur during the library's open hours. The updated start and end times are displayed on the page after the request is submitted.
      Whether these fields display depends on the Booking Resolution policy in the Terms of Use. For more information, see Adding Fulfillment Policies.
    9. In the Pickup at field, select a pickup location for the item (from a list arranged alphabetically, by location name).
    10. Optionally, in the Additional Request Attributes section, select the Material Type to add to the request. The attribute appears in the Additional Request Attributes section.
    11. Select Submit to submit the booking request. The item appears on the Patron Services Page – Requests tab with a Request Type of Booking (see Requested Items).
    • If a patron wants to borrow a booked item during a configured preview period – the item is not loanable.
    • If a patron wants to borrow a booked item and there is no configured preview period – the patron can borrow the item, but it must be returned by the start of the booking period.
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