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    Viewing Read-Only Records in the Simple Record View Page


    Opening the Simple Record View for a Repository Item

    The simple Record View page opens when you select a resource title link from the repository search results (see Searching in the Repository).
    Resource Link in the Search Results
    In addition, for electronic collections that have bibliographic information identified in the Additional descriptive information field (stored in the Additional Information tab of the Electronic Collection Editor), you can select the Resource description link to access the simple Record View page after selecting the resource link from the search results.
    Electronic Collection Resource Link
    Additional Descriptive Information
    Electronic Collection Resource Description Link
    The simple Record View page displays a read-only view of bibliographic, holdings, or authority records with their fields and subfields.
    Simple Record View Page - Bibliographic Record


    Simple Record View Page - Authority Record

    Record View Summary

    In addition to the fields, subfields, and their related content, the following information about the resource is summarized at the top of the simple Record View page:
    • Title – The title of the resource.
    • MMS ID – The Alma internal ID for the record.
    • Originating system – The source of the record.
    • Originating system ID – The ID of the record as created in the originating system.
    • Originating system version – The date and time pulled from the 005 field when the record is imported or the date and time specified for this field in a normalization process. See the description of Do not override/merge record with an older version for more information.
    • Suppress from publishing – Whether the record has been suppressed from publishing (Yes or No).
    • Export to WorldCat – Whether the record has been flagged for export to WorldCat.
    • Brief level – Displays the level of the record (a value from 01 through 10)
    • Record format – Identifies the standard format used to create the record from one of the following formats that can be activated in the Active Registry by Ex Libris: MARC 21, UNIMARC, KORMARC, CNMARC, or Dublin Core. (The available record formats are dependent on the registries that you had Ex Libris activate for your system.)
    • Vocabulary – The record's local vocabulary. This appears when viewing an authority record.

    Actions on the Record View Page

    From the simple Record View page, the following actions can be performed:
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