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    Working with German MARC and the 689 Field in Alma

    Alma provides support for German MARC cataloging with the 689 field. This support is implemented in the following areas of Alma:

    Cataloging Configuration

    Using the Metadata Configuration options, you can configure the 689 field. This can be done by editing the MARC 21 Bibliographic profile on the Metadata Configuration List page (Configuration Menu > Resources > Cataloging section > Metadata Configuration).
    For more information, see Configuring Cataloging.

    Cataloging the 689 in the MD Editor

    Authority and bibliographic headings support is provided for cataloging the 689 field so that they can be linked to authority records or other bib records using the F3 functionality. To use the F3 functionality, the 689 field needs to be the focal point of the record in the MD Editor when you press F3. Preferred-term correction also works on these fields when they are linked. See Linking an Authority Record to a Bibliographic Record for more information.
    The headings links are based on how the 689 field maps to the standard 6XX field. The mapping is identified as follows:
    • 689 $D p is synonymous with 600
    • 689 $D b is synonymous with 610
    • 689 $D f is synonymous with 611
    • 689 $D s is synonymous with 650
    • 689 $D g is synonymous with 651
    • 689 $D u is synonymous with 630

    Sorting 689 Fields

    Since the 689 is a repeatable field, Alma sorts multiple occurrences of the 689 field by indicator in the following manner:
    • 689 fields with the same first indicator are grouped together.
    • Within a group of 689 fields, the second indicator value is used to sort the 689 fields in ascending order.
    • For 689 fields within a group that have no second indicator, they are sorted to the end of the group.