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    Description of the Services Page


    If you are working with Primo VE, see Primo VE for more details.

    The Services page is a dedicated Primo page and provides a subset of the capabilities (such as suppressed Main menu links, Search section, and Details service) that the Full Display page provides in Primo.
    Services Page (Classic Primo UI)
    Unlike the Services page for the classic Primo UI, the Services page for the new UI does not require you to configure a separate view. In the following example, notice that tabs (such as View It and Get It) are no longer used and are replaced by service sections. For more details on configuring the new Primo UI, see Back Office Configuration for the New UI.
    Services Page (New Primo UI)
    The Services page includes the following elements:
    • Header
    • Top-right menu – Includes e-Shelf, Sign in and My Account links.
    • Main Menu – Includes the Language drop-down list.
    • Brief record display
    • Availability status
    • Tabs – the following tabs and options display in the brief and full displays:
      • View It and Get It tabs – Depending on the delivery configuration, one or both of these tabs display as needed per record. For more information, see Configuring Delivery for the Services Page.
      • Details tab (classic UI only) – Primo creates a PNX record from the metadata sent from Alma.
      • Recommendations tab – Displays if there are any recommendations. For information on configuring bX in Primo, refer to the bX Recommendations.
        In your bX My Profile, you must configure bX to use Alma’s link resolver. For more information, see Link Resolver Base URL.
      • Send-to options – Displays per record.
    • Footer
    The following standard Primo elements are not included with the Services Page:
    • The following links in Main Menu: Library Search, Tags, A-Z, and Help.
    • Search box
    • Reviews and Tags tab
    • Links back to the results list and next/previous links
    Out of the box, Primo provides a Services Page view that should be used as a template to copy and create your own Services Page view. The following table lists various elements in the Views Wizard and indicates whether the element is applicable to views that are used to display Alma services. For more information, see Views Wizard and Back Office Configuration for the New UI.
    Views Wizard Settings
    Views Wizard Page Element
    General Attributes All are relevant except for the following attributes:
    • Enable My Library Card
    • Personalized ranking
    • Invoke automatic search
    • Session timeout URL – When a session times out, the system uses the active services page view.
    Search scope list Not applicable.
    Tabs configuration Not applicable.
    Home Page > Basic Search Tile Not applicable.
    Home Page > Advanced Search Not applicable.
    Home Page - Main Menu The Services Page does not display the out-of-the-box options, but you can add new ones.
    Home Page > Static HTML The Services Page uses the Header and Footer static HTML files only.
    Brief Display > Brief Results The Brief Display uses the following options:
    • Order of the Tabs section
    • Link to full record display field – This field indicates which tab should open by default. Only the GetIt Link 1 and Details options are applicable. The default selection for the Services Page is GetIt Link 1 (View It and Get It tabs). Note that this option is available only in Primo V4.1 and later releases.
    • Fields to display in lines 1, 2, and 3 of the brief results
    Brief Display > Refine My Results Not applicable.
    Brief Display > Locations Not applicable.
    Full Display > Full Results All options are applicable.
    Full Display > Send to All options are applicable.
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