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    Configuring the Display Labels for Alma-Summon

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    The labels that display on the Services, Journal Search, and My Library Card pages are configured with various code tables under the Discovery subsystem (such as Full Display Labels code table). The values that display to end users are configured with the Description field. The following table lists the code tables that are relevant to Alma-Summon environments:

    To modify a label:
    1. On the Discovery Configuration menu (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels), select Actions > Customize next to the code table that you want to edit.


      Discovery Code Tables - Partial List

      The following table lists which code tables are relevant to Alma-Summon customers:

      Code Table Notes

      Aria Labels (partial)

      Services Page

      Calculated Availability Text Labels

      Services Page

      Citation Labels

      Services Page - Actions

      Digitization Labels

      Services page - Digitization request

      End User Deposit Labels

      My Account

      Error Messages Labels (partial)

      Error messages displayed on various pages

      Fines List Labels

      My Account

      Get it service labels

      Services Page

      Getit Tile Labels (partial)

      Get It service

      GetIT! Tab1 Labels (some not used)

      Services Page - service labels

      Icon Codes Labels

      Services Page - resource types

      Interface Language Labels

      For UI Languages (if UI is available in several languages)

      Journal Search Labels

      Journal Search

      Keeping This Item Tile Labels

      Services Page - Action labels

      Library card Labels

      My Account

      Links and General Electronic Services Labels

      Services Page - Links service

      Loans List Labels

      My Account

      Locations Tab Labels

      Services Page

      My preferences Tile Labels (partial)

      My Account- Personal Details

      Personal Settings Labels

      My Account

      Purchase Request Labels

      Services Page - Purchase Request

      Request Labels

      Services Page - Requests

      Request options Labels

      Services Page- Requests

      Request Tab Messages Labels

      Services Page - Requests

      Requests List Labels

      My Account

      Resource Sharing Labels

      Services Page - Resource Sharing Request

      Send Email and Sms Labels (partial)

      Services Page - Email action

      User Login Labels


      User Space Menu Labels

      My Account

      User Tile Labels (partial)

      My Account

      View Labels

      Labels defined in the View configuration are stored in this code table.

      ViewIt Labels

      Services Page - View It

      Subsequent changes to a table, require you to select Actions > Edit instead of Actions > Customize.
    2. For each code that you want to modify, update the Description field to change the display label.

      • If you do not want to display a code's label in the UI, specify NOT_DEFINED per language.

      • The setting of the Enabled field has no effect on the display of the label.

    3. When customizing a table for the first time, select Customize to save your changes and return to the Discovery subsystem page. After an initial customization, you will need to select Save to apply your changes.

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