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    Configuring Personal Details Settings for Alma-Summon

    The Personal Details Configuration mapping table allows you to configure what information (such as additional email addresses) will display on the Personal Details tab in My Library Card.


    Personal Details Configuration Mapping Table
    To configure the settings for the Personal Details tab:
    1. Open the Personal Details Configuration Mapping Table (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Library Card Configurations > Personal Details Configuration).

    2. Enable the following settings as needed:

      • User Identifiers – When enabled, users will see their identifiers. For more details, see Managing User Identifiers in Alma.

      • User Roles – When enabled, staff users will see their assigned roles. For more details, see Managing User Roles in Alma.

      • User Expiration Date – This option indicates whether users will see their accounts' expiration date. This option is enabled by default.

      • Additional Email Addresses – When enabled, users will see cc email addresses below their preferred email address.

      • Allow add/edit internal emails – When enabled, users will have the ability to add additional email addresses as long as the following fields are configured:

        • Select the Additional Email Addresses option in this table.

        • Set the primo_patron_info_updatable parameter to Y in the Customer Parameters table (Configuration Menu > General > General Configuration > Other Settings) in Alma.

        Users must edit their personal details on the My Library Card > Personal Details tab to see this option.

    3. Select Save to save your configuration changes. The first time that you configure this table, you will need to select Customize.

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