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    Shared Dimensions

    Shared dimensions are shared across more than one subject area. They are created for efficiency (both from a development perspective and from a user perspective) and are necessary in order to create cross subject area reports. For information on creating reports from more than one subject area, see Creating Advanced Custom Reports.
    This chapter describes in detail all shared dimensions, including where they are used and the list of fields that they contain.
    Shared Dimensions
    Shared Dimension Name Exists in the Following SA
    Bibliographic Details Funds Expenditure, e-Inventory, Fulfillment, Lending Requests, Borrowing Requests, Physical Items, Requests, Course Reserves, Link Resolver Usage
    PO Line Funds expenditure, e-Inventory (named Portfolio PO Line), Physical items, Cost Usage
    Library Unit Funds Expenditure, Physical Items, Cost Usage, Requests (called Owning Library), Borrowing Requests, Lending Requests, E-Inventory (called Portfolio Library Unit and Electronic Collection Library Unit), Fines and Fees (called Owning Library)
    LC Classifications Funds Expenditure, e-Inventory, Fulfillment, Physical Items, Link Resolver Usage
    Dewey Classification Funds Expenditure, e-Inventory, Fulfillment, Physical Items, Link Resolver Usage
    Other Classifications Physical Items and Titles
    User Details Fines and Fees, Fulfillment (called Borrower Details), Requests (called Requester), Users, Borrowing Requests (called Requester), Course Reserves (called Librarian)
    Institution All subject areas
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