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    Linked Data

    To configure a linked data integration profile, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Linked Data is a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web. Alma implements a RESTful API that exposes linked data in JSON-LD format. For information about configuring a linked data integration profile, see below.
    The linked data APIs apply to the production environment by default. To run them on the sandbox environments add ?env=sandbox.

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    To configure the linked data integration profile for your institution:
    1. On the Integration Profile List page (Configuration menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles), select Add Integration Profile. Page 1 of the Add Integration Profile wizard appears.

      Add Integration Profile p1.png
    2. Under Code, enter a unique code for the new integration type.
    3. Under Name, enter a unique name for the new integration type.
    4. Under Integration Type, select Linked Data.
    5. Select Next. Page 2 of the wizard appears.
      Integration Profile Parameters for Linked Data
      Configuring a Linked Data Profile (Page 2)
    6. On page 2 of the wizard, configure the following fields as required:
      • Active - Select to enable the profile.
      • Alternative Context URL – Leave empty to use the default context,[format]/[works_or_instances]/[MMSID]. For example, If you want to use a different context object, enter its URL here. The @context field of the JSON-LD will refer to this context object.
      • Base URL - Enable users to change the prefix of the URL not only for the JSON-LD output but also for all records generated with URLs, including BIBFRAME.
    7. Select Save.
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