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    Integrating Alma with the Netpunkt ILL System


    With the Netpunkt integration, Alma is able to take OpenReceipt messages from the Netpunkt Danish ILL system and create resource sharing borrowing requests in Alma. This is done by mapping the Netpunkt OpenReceipt message fields to Alma resource sharing request fields and creating an Alma resource sharing borrowing request. For more information, see the sections below and the NETPUNKT ILL section that is located in the Developer Network.

    Configuring a Netpunkt Resource Sharing Integration Profile

    You need to create an integration profile for managing the communication between Alma and Netpunkt (the Danish ILL system) that sends the OpenReceipt messages to Alma for resource sharing borrowing requests.

    To configure Alma for communication with Netpunkt:
    1. Open the Integration Profile List page (Configuration Menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles).
    2. Select Add Integration Profile.
    3. Enter the basic profile identification details as described in the table below.
      Netpunkt Integration Profile Identification Details
      Field Description
      Code / Name Enter a code and name that makes it easy to identify the Netpunkt profile in the list of other profiles.
      Integration Type Select the Resource Sharing Integration option from the drop-down list.
      Default Select this check box if you want the Netpunkt integration profile to appear as the default integration profile.
      Description Enter additional details to further describe this profile for later identification.
    4. Select Next.

    5. Enter the integration configuration details using the table below.

      Netpunkt Integration Details
      Field Description
      System Definitions
      System Select Netpunkt from the drop-down list of options.


      Enter the password that is sent in the OpenReceipt message that is used for authentication. When Alma receives the OpenReceipt message, it matches the password from that message (that is located in the <authenticationPassword> tag) to the password entered in this parameter of the integration profile.

      This parameter is optional.

      Note that if you specify a password in this configuration and no password is sent in the <authenticationPassword> tag of the OpenReceipt message, the message is rejected.

      User identifier type

      Select an identifier type from the drop-down list of preconfigured options. See Managing User Identifiers for more information. Note that user identifier types are configured by Ex Libris.

      This parameter is used to identify the requesting user for the borrowing request.

      The Primary Identifier option is the default. You can select any identifier type that matches the type that is sent by Netpunkt.

    6. Select Save.

    OpenReceipt Mapping

    The Netpunkt OpenReceipt request fields map to the Alma resource sharing borrowing request fields in the following manner:

    OpenReceipt Mapping Details
    OpenReceipt Message Fields Alma Resource Sharing Borrowing Request Fields
    orderId external_id



    (based on the user identifier type configured in the integration profile; see Configuring a Netpunkt Resource Sharing Integration Profile)



    author author
    authorOfComponent author
    responderId partner
    callNumber call_number
    copy format
    mediumType requested_media
    creationDate created_date
    lastModification last_modified_date
    language requested_language
    pickUpAgencyId pickup_location
    needBeforeDate last_interest_date
    articleFirstNote/latestRequesterNote note
    title/titleOfComponent title
    issn issn
    isbn isbn
    publicationDate/publicationDateOfComponent year
    publisher publisher
    placeOfPublication place_of_publication
    edition edition
    volulme volume
    issue issue
    pagination pages

    Routing the LookupUser and OpenReceipt Messages

    The NCIP V1/V2 LookupUser and OpenReceipt messages from Netpunkt are routed to the correct Alma institution determined by the institution code or the ISIL code (institution or library level) that is sent in the <ToAgencyId> tag of the LookupUser and OpenReceipt messages. The institution ISIL code or the library ISIL code is configured in Alma's Organization Unit Details (Configuration Menu > General > Libraries > Add a Library or Edit Library Information). See Configuring the Institution and Its Libraries for more information.


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