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    BIBFRAME Search Indexes


    The tables in the following sections identify the mapping of BIBFRAME class and properties to search indexes:

    • BIBFRAME Bibliographic All Titles Search
    • BIBFRAME Keyword Search Indexes

    To access the search index information for the other metadata standards, see Search Indexes.

    Latest BIBFRAME Updates

    The latest Library of Congress BIBFRAME updates added to Alma are these:

      • Update No. 37, December 2023

    For details, see

    BIBFRAME Bibliographic All Titles Search

    The table below identifies the BIBFRAME bibliographic tags and the search indexes to which they are mapped that are available when performing an All Titles search.
    You can create additional search indexes (for example, for local fields). For detailed information, see Configuring Search.
    BIBFRAME Bibliographic Tag to Search Index Mapping
    Tag Search Index
    URI suffix for class, subject and genreForm  Authority ID Content Related Data
    bf:ProvisionActivity - bf:provisionActivity -  bf:Publication - bf:place  Country of Publication
    bf:Agent Creator
    bf:ProvisionActivity - bf:provisionActivity -  bf:Publication - bf:date Date Type Status
    bf:classification - bf:ClassificationDdc Dewey Decimal Class Number
    bf:editionStatement Edition
    bf:genreForm  Genre Form

    bf:identifiedBy - bf:Isbn


    bf:identifiedBy - bf:Issn

    bf:Language Language
    bf:AdminMetadata - bf:identifiedBy - bf:Lccn LC Control Number

    Based on rdf:type and work  SubClasses

    Material Type
    bf:AdminMetadata - bf:identifiedBy - bf:Local - rdf:value (MMS ID) MMS ID
    bf:Agent Name
    bf:classification- bf:ClassificationNLM NLM-type Call Number
    bf:note - bf:Note Notes
    bf:AdminMetadata- bf:assigner  Original Cataloging Agency
    bf:AdminMetadata - bf:identifiedBy - bf:Local Other System Number
    bf:ProvisionActivity - bf:provisionActivity -  bf:Publication
    bf:Role Relator

    Based on rdf:type and work and instance SubClasses

    Resource Type Series
    bf:AdminMetadata - bf:identifiedBy - bf:Local Standard Number
    bf:identifiedBy - bf:ReportNumber Standard Number
    bf:subject Subjects
    bf:title - bf:Title  Title
    bf:title - bf:VarientTitle Title
    bf:classification- bf:ClassificationUdc Universal Decimal Class Number
    URI of the instance Title URI
    URI of the work Parent URI

    BIBFRAME Keyword Search Indexes

    The following list identifies the fields searched when performing a keyword search.
    Some fields of Physical Items and Digital Files listed below are also mapped to the "All Titles Keywords Search". For example; Barcode, Item Description, Public Note, File Label, Representation Label.
    • All Titles
      • Government Document Number
      • ISBN (ISBN10 and ISBN13)
      • ISSN 
      • Medical Subjects (MeSH)
      • Name
      • Electronic Location
      • Publisher
      • Series
      • Subjects
      • Title
      • Uniform Title
      • Serial Title
      • Date of Publication
      • Note
      • Other System Number
      • ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)
      • ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier)
      • Title URI (instance URI)
      • Parent URI (work URI)
      • MMS ID

    Viewing BIBFRAME as MARC and Vice-Versa in All Titles Search

    When viewing a BIBRFAME instance selected from the Alma search results, you can view the record converted to MARC by clicking on the MARC tab, and view the work by clicking on the View Work button visible above the record.

    Viewing a BIBFRAME Instance record converted to MARC

    BIBFRAME Instance converted to MARC
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