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    Acquisitions - June 2018 Enhancements

    New Fields on the Order List Letter

    The 490 field, series_statement, and 830 field, series_uniform_title, are now available on the Order List Letter (letter code: OrderListLetter). To display the new fields, add them to the XSL of the letter. For example:
    <xsl:for-each select="notification_data/po/po_line_list/po_line">
    <xsl:value-of select="series_statement">
    <xsl:value-of select=series_uniform_title>
    For more information on the Letter to Vendor, see Configuring Alma Letters.

    Patron Purchase Request Enhancements

    The Alma patron purchase request process is now enhanced with the following new features:
    • A new multi-selection field, Purchase Request Library, was added to the User Details page. If one or more libraries are defined for a user, the user may create purchase requests only for the listed libraries. If no libraries are defined, the user may create a purchase request for any library. See Adding Users.
    • The Purchase Request Library field appears on the Primo Purchase Request form if one or more libraries are selected for the user and it has been configured for display. When the user selects a library, the library becomes the owning library of the request.
    • When a purchase request is created in Alma, the owning library is editable only after the Requester field is selected. If a requester's account has the purchase request library defined, the drop down field lists the libraries that are common to both the requester and the scope of the user who creates the request if it is a Purchase Request Operator/Manager/Selector. If there are no common libraries, this field will remain empty. The operator will be able to add the libraries when editing the purchase request.
    • When a purchase request is created and saved by a Purchase Request Operator/Manager, the unassigned tab of the Manage Purchase Request page is displayed, filtered by the MMS ID of the saved request. If the request is created from a citation, then the citation list is displayed instead.
    • If a purchase request is created from a citation, the From field on the purchase request contains a link to the citation. A user must have permission to view citations in order to see the citation when clicking the link.
    • When a purchase request is created for an already existing PO line, a pop-up notification is now sent to confirm that the user wants to continue creating the purchase request.
    • An operator that does not have Purchase Request Operator access will not have access to edit the requester in the purchase request form. 

    Normalize the Historical Titles from COUNTER Loads

    Titles from COUNTER loads run prior to the January 2018 release are now included in the Normalized Title field in the Usage Data subject area. The title is normalized in the same manner that Alma normalizes the titles of bibliographic records. This enables accurate matching of titles between the COUNTER reports and the Alma bibliographic records.
    For more information, see Usage Data.

    Inventory Tabs in the PO Line Review Page

    Inventory information appears in tabs under each PO line, except for service line types. For more information on working with these tabs, see Record Lists. See Reviewing PO Lines.
    The Items tab appears for physical one time lines, and includes:
    • Library
    • Location
    • Call Number
    • Barcode
    • Availability - When the item is received, the indicator is green.
    • Received Date
    The Holdings tab appears for physical continuous lines, and includes:
    • Library
    • Location
    • Call Number
    • Summary
    • Items Received - Click to open the list of items.
    The Electronic One Time and Electronic Continuous Lines tabs appear if the PO line includes a resource that is part of a collection, and includes
    • Collection Name
    • Service Type
    • Availability
    • Activation Date

    Additional Acquisitions Enhancements

    • If the Invoice does not require approval (no approval rules are met for that invoice or there are no approval rules in the institution), a new approval status, Not Required, is added and the field Approved by is empty.
    • If an electronic activation task is assigned to a user that no longer exists in Alma, the job completes with errors and the electronic activation task assignment is released.
    • When searching for a fund, if the fund code has trailing spaces and the fund code in Alma's internal database does not (or vise versa), the trailing spaces in the fund code are removed so that the fund can be located.
    • When a resource is ordered from the Network Zone and the PO line is created in the Institution Zone, the material type is now editable on the PO Line Details page. The process that creates PO lines for records from the Network Zone now always sets the material type (either to the existing one or to the default). When the PO line is created according to the inventory type (and the table below), the material type is editable and receives its possible values from the relevant code table. 
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