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    Resource Management - June 2018 Enhancements

    Filtering the Authority Control Task List

    idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: To more easily manage the Authority Control Task List, facets were added that enable you to filter the lists that appear on the Review and All tabs. See Using the Authority Control Task List for more information. Additional facets/filters will be implemented in coming releases.

    Deleting Multiple Fields in the MD Editor

    idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: In the MD Editor, multiple fields (rows) can be deleted by selecting them with Ctrl+click and then selecting the Remove Field option (Edit > Remove Field) or Ctrl+F6. This is in addition to the existing option to mark several fields and copy/paste them as a group. See Remove Field for more information.

    Using the Other System Number (035) as Matching Criteria

    When using the portfolio loader template/Excel file (see The Bulk Portfolio Information File) to import records, you may now use the 035 field other system number for your match criteria (in your import profile). As announced in the May release, the portfolio loader template/Excel file handles three additional columns for the other system number. In addition, when you export a list of portfolios (Electronic Service Editor > Portfolios tab), the Excel file that is created contains up to three other system number columns when that information is available. See 035 (Other System Identifier) Match Method and Tools for more information.
    Since this feature requires that the Community Zone be updated, it will only be available in the sandbox with the production release and not two weeks prior to the production release.

    Alma Link Resolver Support for Electronic Collections with No Portfolios

    The Alma Link Resolver and Primo View It now support the display of electronic collections with no portfolios when certain additional OpenURL attribute-related conditions are met. See Display Condition Rules for more information. Contact Support to enable this feature for your institution.

    249 Field

    The 249 field (Titles for parts of compilations lacking a collective title etc. (NR)) is now configurable in the MARC 21 Bibliographic profile using Metadata Configuration. This includes the following subfields: $a – Title for part of compilation (R), $b – Other title information relating to the compilation (NR), $c - Statement of responsibility relating to the compilation (NR), and $v – Statement of responsibility relating to the title for part of compilation (R).
    In search results, the 249 information now appears with the 245 title information in the following format: 245 data; 249 $a / 249 $v : 249 $b / 249 $c.
    The 249 is indexed in the following manner:
    • Title index – 249 $a, $b
    • Names index – 249 $c, $v
    • Keywords index – 249 $a, $b, $c, $v
    For the staff search options and search results to display as described above, a full re-indexing for any 249 fields cataloged prior to the June release is required. The next full re-indexing is scheduled for the July release. Newly cataloged 249 fields beginning with the June release will be automatically indexed and available in the staff search and search results.

    Additional Resource Management Enhancements

    • For general publishing jobs that do not complete because a dependent job is still running and they are stopped by the system, the job report status is now identified as Aborted by System instead of Failed. The job failure reason that is provided indicates that the job is skipped due to a previous instance of the job still running.
      Aborted by System Job Status
    • For bibliographic records created with Quick Cataloging (Resources > Create Inventory > Add Physical Item), the following changes were implemented:
      • For MARC 21 records, a 008 field is now added by default.
      • Position 05 of the leader (LDR) field is now set to n (new record).
      • For the Citation Type of Book, the Pages field is now mapped to MARC 21 field 300 $a instead of 773 $g.
      • For the Citation Type of Article, the ISSN field is now mapped to MARC 21 field 773 $x instead of 022 $a.
    • For authority records in vocabularies that use linking IDs in the See also 5XX $0 (MARC 21) and 5XX $3 (UNIMARC and CNMARC), clicking the See also link in the authority record search results displays the record identified by the ID that is specified in the 5XX field.
    • The list of options for the Originating system parameter in the Import Profile Details was expanded to include the following: ABC-CLIO;ABES; American Psychological Association; American Society of Mechanical Engineers;Askews and Holts; Backstage; Baker & Taylor; Beck-Verlag; BePress; Bibliothèque nationale de France; Bloomberg BNA; Business Expert Press; Casalini Libri; Catálogo Colectivo de Autoridades Bibliográfica (CCAB); Commerce Clearing House; Dewey Decimal System; Edward Elgar Publishing; Electre; Films Media Group; Films OnDemand; Gale; GOBI (YBP); Harvard University Press; HathiTrust; IGI Global; ILO Thesaurus; International Monetary Fund; IOP Publishing; JSTOR; Kanopy; Knowledge Unlatched; MARC Magician; McGraw Hill Education; Midwest Library Services; Myilibrary; National Bureau of Economic Research; OCLC Partners; OCLC WMS; OECD; Ovid Technologies Pty. Ltd; Oxford; Palgrave; Project Muse; ProQuest Ebook Central; Streaming videos; Repos. UC; Reveal Digital; Sage; Sage Knowledge; Salem Press; Schweitzer; SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; SoundCloud; SPIE, Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers; Springer (SPR); Springer (SPRINGER); Swank Motion Pictures; Taiwan National Central Library; Taylor & Francis (TAYLORFRANCIS); The Institution of Engineering and Technology; Total BooX; University of Oxford; World Bank; World Scientific; Worldshare Collection Manager.
    • Three additional monthly scheduling options are now available for publishing jobs, making a total of four uniquely configurable monthly options.
    • In the Network Zone, an additional scheduling option was added for publishing electronic records to Primo Central in order to enable you to publish the Network Zone records a day before member institution records.
    • When the enable_file_extension_fix_in_general_publishing_profiles customer parameter (an internal parameter) is set to true (by Ex Libris staff), the .xml and .mrc file name extensions are added to the FTP file names created when publishing with the general publishing profile. In addition, the tar.gz file name/files issues when file compression was enabled is fixed. See File name prefix and File name for more information. For existing installations, contact Support if you want to implement this change. New installations will automatically have this parameter set to true.
    • Alma supports a workflow that provides integration with SUDOC, the French National Catalog. See Integrating an Alma Institution with SUDOC for more information.
    • For records that have alternate graphic representations, search results now include alternate graphic representations when physical title searches are completed. Previously, they appeared only in all titles search results. For more information about working with alternate graphic representations, see Working with Linked 880 Fields in Bibliographic Records and alternate_graphic_representation_editing.
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