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Digital Resource Management - August 2017 Enhancements

Native IIIF Support

Alma now supports the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and enables viewing digital images in Alma using a built-in image server and the Universal Viewer. The Universal Viewer has the ability to display and zoom in on high-resolution images and supports formats such as tiff, jpeg, and jpeg2000.

Support for Third-Party Digital Viewers

Alma now supports the use of third-party digital viewers, which enables customers to use their own viewers for viewing digital content managed in Alma. For more information, see the Developer's Network. For information on configuring third-party viewers, see Configuring Viewer Services.

Additional Digital Resource Management Enhancements

  • Delivery URLs can now be customized, which allows you to add your Alma domain name to the URL, for example:
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