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Alma August 2017 Release Notes

This Alma release provides numerous new features and enhancements. Some of these enhancements are a result of Idea Exchange or NERS initiatives.
Download a PDF of the Release Notes – Note that the PDF includes the online help pages that describe the core functionality of the new features.

Make the Most of This Release

Action Items
Secondary and Tertiary Reporting Codes – The ability to facet and analyze your acquisitions data was enhanced with the addition of two more reporting codes. This adds new reporting and analytics capabilities to PO lines, invoice lines, and fund transactions for your specific institutional needs.
Additional Support for COUNTER Types – Alma’s COUNTER support continues to expand with an additional set of report types, providing your institution with more ways to evaluate electronic resource usage.
Enhanced Delivery – Does your library have an important image collection? Do you have specialized digital material for which you are interested in integrating a viewer? Read more about Alma’s new enhanced delivery capabilities which will provide:
  • Native IIIF Support – Delivers digital images to patrons using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), which provides a standardized method for describing and delivering images over the web. IIIF enables advanced viewing features, such as zooming, navigation, and pan-and-scan.
  • Customized Viewers – Provides libraries with the ability to deliver digital content to patrons using their own customized viewers.
Network Zone Information Available in Alma Analytics – This great new option will support members of a consortium using a Network Zone in creating combined and integrated reports of their e-resources—both those managed in the Institution Zone as well as those managed centrally in the Network Zone—all in a single query from the institution’s Analytics view.
Retention Period for User Record Audit Trail – If your institution is required to abide by privacy laws and regulations, or if you would like to enhance your users’ privacy, this new tool will allow you to ensure that the changes to the users’ records are retained only for a limited time before they are irreversibly removed from the system.
Configuring Outgoing Email – Ex Libris' Cloud team has been working to enhance the security and infrastructure for outgoing emails. A new option to send emails directly, using your institution’s email servers, is now available.

What's New

The following sections present the new and changed features in this release of Alma.


Resource Management

Digital Resource Management


Resource Sharing

Collaborative Networks


Administration and Infrastructure


Content Operations

Known Issues

The following known issues were identified for the August release:
  • The Expand option for Alt+F3 incorrectly shows the sorted display text when using the authority heading rules.
  • Regarding the 880 target for Hanzi to Pinyin normalization feature, if there is already a linked (880) field for one of the source fields and it is not a Pinyin field, it will be overridden.
  • The new BibGenerateControlNumberFrom009 task cannot be used twice in the same process. As a workaround, a second identical task named BibGenerateControlNumberFrom009-2nd is available.
These issues will be fixed in later releases.

Next Release Sneak Preview

View a list of the features that are planned for the next Alma release.
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