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    Resource Management - June 2017 Enhancements

    Call Number (Classification) Data Published to Primo

    Data published to Primo can now be enriched with call number (classification) data. This is enabled through a new configuration option provided in the Publish bibliographic records to Primo publishing profile. See Classification enrichment for more information.
    Contact Ex Libris Support to enable this feature for your institution.

    Linked 880 Fields in Bibliographic Records

    New capabilities were added for editing, linking, normalizing, importing, and publishing linked 880 fields in bibliographic records. See Working with Linked 880 Fields in Bibliographic Records for more information.

    TSVCC Browse Bibliographic Headings

    Expanding on the May 2017 TSVCC announcement, Alma now supports the TSVCC (Traditional, Simplified, and Variant Chinese Characters) standard when browsing bibliographic headings. See Using TSVCC for more information.
    This change will be fully available with the July re-indexing process. Until the July re-indexing is complete, this Browse Bibliographic Headings change is available only for bibliographic records that are new/updated.

    General Publishing Physical Inventory Enrichment Parameters Expanded

    The holdings and item enrichment parameters in the General publishing profile have been expanded to enable publishing a variety of date information for these types of records and the ID for the holdings record linked to items. See the Fields on the Publishing Profile Details Page - Wizard Step 2 table for more information.

    Additional Authority Headings for GND Uniform Title Authority Records

    In addition to creating the standard authority headings from 1XX and 4XX fields in uniform title GND authority records, additional authority headings are now created that begin with $t. For more information, see Generating Uniform Title Authority Headings that Begin with $t.

    Extended Visibility of Call Numbers in Resource Management

    Visibility of call numbers was extended for holdings-level and item-level parameters in several areas of Resource Management. Alternative call numbers now appear in the following areas: List of Items page, Bind Items - Items List page, Manage Deleted Repository page (Find > Physical items), and List of Items page accessed from a held by remote inventory holdings search. Alternative call number types now appear on the Manage Deleted Repository page (Find > Physical items). Accession numbers now appear in the following areas: View Inventory in the MD Editor (when selecting Tools > MARC Bibliographic), the Holdings tab of the Held By Details page from a Network Zone drill-down of search results, and the Manage Deleted Repository page (Find > Holding).

    Browse Bibliographic Headings Indexes

    The indexes for the Names headings type (Personal Name, Corporate Name, and Meeting Name source codes) and the Title headings type in Browse Bibliographic Headings are being updated. The Uniform Title option is being removed from the Source Code drop-down list for the Names headings type, and its related indexes for the 130, 630, and 730 fields will be available for browsing from the Title headings type. See Browsing Bibliographic Headings for more information.
    These changes will be fully available with the July re-indexing process. Until the July re-indexing is complete, these Browse Bibliographic Headings changes will be applicable only for bibliographic records that are updated.

    Authority Control Task List

    Several enhancements have been made to the Authority Control Task List that include working with selections across multiple pages, additional Find options, and working with AUT record deleted - Unlinked BIB heading from the Review tab. In addition, new configuration options are available. See Using the Authority Control Task List for more information.

    GND Report Types in the Authority Control Task List

    Two new GND report types, GND AUT record partial redirection and GND AUT record to be deleted, were added to the Authority Control Task List. See Using the Authority Control Task List for more information.
    Contact Ex Libris Support to enable these report types for your institution.

    Additional Resource Management Enhancements

    • NERS.png NERS Enhancement (Request ID 4615): The MMS ID column was added to the Portfolios tab of the Electronic Service Editor. This column can also be exported to Excel.
    • For institutions that have the searching language parameter set to German, the sorting of bibliographic headings when using Browse Bibliographic Headings was improved to sort results using the DIN 5007-1/2, section standard that addresses the proper sorting for the following special German language characters:
      • Ä,ä is sorted as AE,ae
      • Ö,ö is sorted as OE,oe
      • Ü,ü is sorted as UE,ue
      • ß is sorted as ss
      As part of the sorting process, hyphens are ignored.
      For existing records, this change is being implemented gradually and will be completed as part of the semi-annual Alma re-indexing process scheduled for July.
    • When working with CNMARC records in the MD Editor, the Info tab now provides CNMARC standard information/assistance for the field that is the focus row (similar to how the Info tab works with MARC 21 records in the MD Editor). For more information about the Info tab, see Lower Pane.
    • Start Page and End Page are now also available as resource information fields for books as well as articles.
    • When a bibliographic record does not include relevant IDs (such as ISSN, ISBN, EISSN, EISBN, CODEN, and LCCN) for matching and it needs to use the title to attempt a match, the system will perform a lookup for bibliographic records that have titles that match on both the title and the alternative title identified in the 245 and 246.
    • General publishing now supports associating a set of type Electronic Collections with a profile. Bibliographic or portfolio levels associated with the set based on the profile definition Publish On will be published.
    • The Description field is now mandatory when creating merge rules.
    • Normalization of Chinese characters was updated so that the Chinese headings headings are sorted after the Latin headings. This change affects new and updated records with the June release and existing records after the July re-indexing process.
    • For general publishing and publishing to Primo, linked data enrichment no longer adds a URL during publishing if $0 in the MARC record already has the exact same URL.
    • The Publishing Profile Details pages for various publishing profiles were slightly reorganized for the new Alma user interface that’s about to be released. Some of these reorganizational changes were made to the classic UI as well. For example, a number of the publishing profiles now have a Publishing Parameters section. In addition, the FTP section of the General publishing profile was reorganized. For a list of fields that currently display when selecting FTP, see Publishing and Inventory Enrichment (General Publishing).
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