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    Acquisitions - May 2017 Enhancements

    COUNTER Enabled for All Customers

    All Alma institutions can now import COUNTER data directly to Alma and use all COUNTER features. For Alma customers already using UStat, all previously loaded COUNTER data and defined subscribers in UStat were imported to Alma. All live Alma institutions should no longer use UStat.
    For Alma institutions that had UStat data before this release, subscribers from UStat should already be configured in Alma. If you have not already done so, re-create your SUSHI account configurations in Alma as described in the February release notes.
    • Starting from May 5, do not upload any manual reports or do any manual changes in your UStat accounts. These changes may not be migrated to Alma.
    • If you have more than one active instance in UStat, or you have an active instance in UStat that was not migrated to Alma (you do not see it in Analytics), contact Ex Libris to migrate any missing data..
    • For Elsevier, Requester ID is SUSHI-ALMA. If you previously used UStat, this ID is different from the one your institution used in UStat, which was SUSHI-Exlibris. Ex Libris changed the ID for all existing customers for this release. For institutions currently setting up Alma SUSHI accounts while still working in UStat (customers still implementing Alma), contact Elsevier customer support to ensure that your SUSHI-ALMA account is active. For these customers, Test Connection does not work for Elsevier, because Elsevier only supports one active account per institution and the UStat account is still active.
    See the COUNTER documentation and the February release notes for more information.
    Note as well that as of the May 2017 production release, the SUSHI harvesting for the ProQuest vendor is fully functional ( For instructions on setting up and using the ProQuest SUSHI harvesting, see Managing SUSHI Accounts.

    Additional Acquisitions Enhancements

    • Accession Number was added as a column to the Received Items List page (Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Receive; click Actions > Manage Items for one of the titles). The column is initially hidden. For more information on this page, see Receiving Physical Material.
    • A Find/in Filter was added to the Usage Data Loader page and the Uploaded Files section of the Usage Data tab on the Vendor Details page. The filter provides a means to search for files by:
      • File Name
      • Load File ID
      • Upload Method
      • Uploading User
      For more information on this page, see Manually Uploading COUNTER Data.
    • A "Has Content" Icon was added to the Usage Data tab on the Vendor Details page.
    • Ebook Central was added as a SUSHI-certified vendor.
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