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    Collaborative Networks - March 2017 Enhancements

    Templates for Externally Managed Authority Records

    Templates can now be created in the Network Zone for externally managed authority records. Templates created in the Network Zone automatically appear in the Templates list of member institutions, and they are identified with the Network Zone icon.
    Member Institution Template List with Network Zone Icon
    In cases where externally managed authority records are required to have certain fields included, use standard authority record templates that are created in the Network Zone and automatically shared with all the member institutions to make creating authority records more expedient. To create an authority record template in the Network Zone, open the MD Editor and create an authority record with the fields you want and click Save as Template. The template you saved appears under the Templates tab in the Network Zone and in the member institutions. In the Network Zone, the template appears with the local institution icon; and in the member institutions, the same template appears with the Network Zone icon. For more information about creating templates, see Creating Templates in the Network Zone section on the Network-Managed Records in a Network Zone page and Working with Templates.
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