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    Acquisitions - November 2016 Enhancements

    Sending Annual Receipts for Serial Legal Deposits in Bulk

    For Legal Deposit serials, Alma does not create or send a receipt. Until now, you could manually create an Analytics report, run it once a year, and send it to vendors. For more information about legal deposits, see Working With Legal Deposits.
    You can now manually run a job to send annual receipts for serial legal deposits to a list of vendors. This feature includes the following new elements:
    • The ability to create vendor sets (a new type of Acquisitions set, in addition to the currently existing PO lines sets) – You can create either itemized or logical vendors sets. See Creating Vendor Sets.
    • A new Analytics report that includes the annual serial inventory for a vendor – see the Legal Deposit Annual Receipt entry in Out-of-the-Box Reports. You can also create other reports. If you do, add their path(s) to the Legal Deposit Reports code table. See Configuring Legal Deposit Report Paths.
      In addition, an Analytics object (Legal Deposit) for the report was added. See Scheduling.
    • A new letter Legal Deposit Annual Receipts Letter to send to vendors – For more information, see Configuring Alma Letters.
    • A new job that you can manually run that sends the above letter, with the chosen Analytics report, to each vendor in a vendor set – See Legal Deposit Annual Receipt Task in Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets. A new privilege, TASK_CHANGE_LEGAL_DEPOSIT_ANNUAL_RECEIPT, was added to the roles that can run this job.

    Additional Acquisitions Enhancements

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