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AIP Publishing - Platform Change - April 2023

Why are some AIP Publishing links failing?

Effective April 19, 2023, AIP introduced a new online platform in partnership with Silverchair.  For more information regarding the migration see:

All journal, Book, Conference Proceedings, and AIP Publishing partner collections were included in the migration.

Redirects are in place and will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  DOI links have been redeposited with CrossRef.

There were several post-launch issues and the AIP teams worked closely with their data partners to resolve the issues which should now be fixed.

AIP provided revised title lists, the AIP collections were updated on the Ex Libris platforms. 

This change was part of the 3rd June Content Update ( 20232500 ) that was released on June 18th.

Revisions to the Consortia collections are still pending with our Consortia partners.

A list of the affected collections is appended. AIP Collections - May 2023.xlsx

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