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    Apache vulnerability - CVE-2016-5387

    • Product: Apache
    • Product Version: 2.2.x and lower
    • Relevant for Installation Type: All environments


    Ex-Libris is aware of the new apache vulnerability ( which involves HTTP_PROXY header and CGI (as described in


    Several requirements must be fulfilled in order for an environment to be vulnerable:

    • Code needs to be running under a CGI-like context, where HTTP_PROXY becomes a real or emulated environment variable
    • An HTTP client that trusts HTTP_PROXY, and configures it as the proxy, must exist
    • That client, used within a request handler, must be making an HTTP (as opposed to HTTPS) request


    Our research found that:

    • In products where code is running under CGI the Perl client (LWP::HTTP) does not use the HTTP_PROXY variable and is therefore considered of low risk.
    • Products running apache tomcat are not running CGI.
    • Other products have no access to the web and are therefore considered of low risk.


    These conclusions are relevant only to code produced by Ex-Libris. CGI code installed by customers which was not supplied by ExLibris cannot be guaranteed to be safe.


    While the risk level of this vulnerability is deemed as LOW for Ex-Libris products, once an official version with the relevant fix is announced by apache, our development team will build and implement it in future releases.


    • Article last edited: 25-July-2016