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    Case Priority and How to Select the Correct One

    • Product: Cross-Product



    What are the case priorities, and how to choose the correct one?


    The Priority field helps the Support and Professional Services analysts to prioritize cases based on the effect of the reported issue on the library staff and end users. 


    The table below describes all available priorities and when they should be used, in addition to providing examples for each product type.



    When Should This Priority be Used?

    Examples for Discovery Products

    (Primo, Summon)

    Examples for ILS Products

    (Alma, Intota, Aleph, Voyager)

    Examples for Link Resolvers

    (360 Link, SFX)


    • General questions  
    • Requests for information
    • Documentation questions
    • Enhancement requests
    • Low impact enhancements and defects
    • Enhancement request
    • Questions
    • Customizations


    • Non-performance related incidents, including:
    • UX issues
    • Minor malfunctioning
    • Low impact performance issues
    • In Primo: Adding information to details tab
    • Activating a new collection
    • Clarifications on the system behavior
    • Linking issue for a specific record
    • Customizations
    • Some Analytics reports are not running
    • Jobs take long time to complete
    • Functionality that does not work as expected and requires analysis and assistance
    • Display logic rules in SFX menu are not applied
    • Statistics feature does not work


    • Other Production Environment  performance-related issues, typically a module feature working incorrectly. However, patrons can still use the service.
    • Medium impact performance issues


    • Some records are missing
    • Some records are missing some of their metadata
    • Major functionality is not working well and having a great effect on the users
    • Voyager is up and running, but staff are unable to create Access reports or generate Reporter notices
    • Issues with monetary implications (Acquisition, Fulfillment)
    • The SFX menu and SFX A-Z List are functioning, but staff access to the SFX Admin Center is not working

    System Down

    • The SaaS Service is not available
    • On Premise application is not functioning
    • A Production module is inoperable
    • The Primo Front End is working but the Back End interface cannot be accessed.
    • The Primo Front End is online, but searches return no results
    • OVP is not working (component down)
    • Login cannot be done
    • Voyager is online and the OPAC is running, but Circulation is not functioning
    • Patrons cannot return or loan items
    • Staff search is not working.
    • Alma API not working
    • In Alma, Primo patrons’ services are not available (mesh-up services)
    • The SFX menu is functioning, but the SFX A-Z list is not working



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