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    24X7 Hub System Down Support FAQ

    System down for customers on multi-tenant environments

    If your system is part of a multi-tenant environment, you can check the Ex Libris System Status to check your environment's status before submitting a system down case. Learn more about the Ex Libris System Status page in Welcome to the Exlibris Cloud.

    What can I do to ensure a fast response to a system down?

    Ex Libris has incorporated a number of backup and contingency plans to ensure a rapid response to down systems.

    Customers with local installations should take these additional important steps to ensure quick response:

    1. Full and direct access to your server is required for 24X7 service. Ensure that a support analyst can connect directly to your system. For more information, refer to Server Access for Ex Libris. Ex Libris strongly recommends providing access information in advance to the individual Ex Libris teams to ensure this information is available.
    2. Make sure that all staff members at your institution that can report a system down are familiar with the system down procedure and can provide updated server access information in the event that the information Ex Libris has is out of date.
    Is there a fee for system down support?

    This is included in your maintenance. There is no additional charge for 24X7 system down support.

    How soon will we receive a response and how quickly will my problem be resolved?

    Ex Libris provides an initial response to your system down report within one hour. Once Ex Libris has the incident details and server access, Ex Libris diagnoses the problem and provides regular status updates until the problem is resolved.

    What if my local Ex Libris office is open; should I just call the local office?

    In order to receive the best system down support, Ex Libris recommends that you follow the system down procedure regardless of when you experience the problem.

    Will someone from my local Ex Libris office be working on my system down?

    Ex Libris will take advantage of the global resources of its Support organization to provide system down support.

    As a result, the staff working on your problem will change depending on the local time you report the problem. Regardless of when a system down happens, you will always be assisted by a product expert from Ex Libris Support.

    The Ex Libris product is up and running, but one specific component is not functioning. Can I get system down support?

    Ex Libris provides 24X7 support for system downs and components. However, for different Ex Libris products, there are some components that can be down without affecting the end-users. These components are not eligible for 24X7 support. Some product-specific examples:



    Is Down Component Support Available?

    The SFX menu is functioning, but the SFX A-Z list is not working.

    Yes. The SFX A-Z list is an important end-user feature, and down component support will be provided.

    The SFX menu and SFX A-Z List is functioning, but staff access to the SFX Admin Center is not working.

    No. Staff access to the SFX Admin Center does not affect user access to SFX, so it is not eligible for down component support.





    Is Down Component Support Available?

    The Primo Front End is online, but searches return no results.

    Yes. If Primo is up but is not returning search results, Ex Libris will provide down component support.

    The Primo Front End is working but the Back End interface cannot be accessed.

    No. Primo can continue to function correctly for end- users even if the Back Office interface is down, so it is not eligible for down component support. This also applies to Back Office processes that fail but do not impact user access, such as data harvesting, indexing, and so forth.





    Is Down Component Support Available?

    Voyager is online and the OPAC is running, but Circulation is not functioning.

    Yes. Modules like the OPAC, Circulation, and Acquisitions are core Voyager functions that are eligible for down component support.

    Voyager is up and running, but staff are unable to create Access reports or generate Reporter notices.

    No. This problem does not prevent end-users from accessing and using Voyager, so it is not eligible for system down support.





    Is Down Component Support Available?

    The OPAC/user interface is not functioning properly due to the failure of a batch job.

    Yes. Down components that impact major real-time functions (OPAC, Circulation, Acquisition, and so forth) are generally eligible for down component support.

    A batch job fails without impacting user access to the OPAC such as a batch job fails and overdue notices are not created.

    No. This problem does not prevent patrons and staff from accessing and using Aleph, so it is not eligible for system down support


    These are guidelines; if you are not sure, report the problem to Ex Libris System Down Support. If we determine that the problem you report is not eligible for emergency support, the Case will be referred to the appropriate Ex Libris Support Team for further investigation during regular business hours.

    How will I be contacted?

    The Ex Libris 24X7 hub staff will make initial contact with you to acknowledge your report, confirm the problem details, and determine if it is eligible for system down support.

    If the problem is eligible, the 24X7 hub staff will refer the problem to a support analyst for the affected product, who will contact you within one hour to provide a status update. It is, therefore, very important for you to provide your contact information as well as information on when you will be available to discuss the problem when you report the system down.

    If the problem is not eligible for emergency support, the problem will be investigated during regular business hours by the relevant product support team.

    Can I get system down support for a sandbox, staging or test environment or instance?

    System down support is only available for production environments or instances.

    Is there anything I should check before submitting a system down?

    There are some situations where the problem you are experiencing is actually expected behavior due to a scheduled process or due to external causes. For example:

    • The system is down for scheduled maintenance, upgrades, or other planned downtime such as a Voyager cold backup or a Primo clean process involving data deletion.
    • A local power or network interruption is preventing access.
    • The problem only exists on a single PC.
    In the past I was instructed to send an e-mail to or Should I continue using these addresses?

    In order to receive the best system down support, discontinue using any emergency support e-mail addresses you were instructed to use in the past and only use the procedure described here.

    What if I submit a Support Center Case and a message to and have not received a response? What do I do then?

    If you receive no response from Ex Libris within an hour of your down system report, contact the 24X7 Hub. Also, make sure your contact information was provided and is accurate and complete.

    See also "What is Ex Libris Escalation Policy?"



    Do you have a question about System down Support?

    Would you like to provide feedback about this service?

    Send an email to:

    (Note: This e-mail address is not monitored 24X7; it is for feedback about 24x7 Support. For a system down, use the contacts outlined here)


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