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    Managing Researchers who have left the institution but still have Esploro assets

    • Product: Esploro



    How should I handle the researcher record when a researcher leaves our institution?





    1.     Best Practice Recommendation: Purge the expired user.

    When the expired user is purged, the user record is deleted and the researcher record is turned into a non-affiliated researcher with the flag 'Previously Affiliated'.

    The researcher's public profile and smart harvesting is deactivated by default, but they can be -reactivated if required.

    You can set the 'Purge date' for a set of users, using the 'Update/Notify Users' job, then run the purge job on the same set.

    2.     Workaround: Set the below settings in the researcher's record to “No":

    ·         Has an Active Public Profile
    ·         Include in Smart Harvesting
    ·         Has Access to the Researcher Profile

    Researcher Settings.

    This option will enable the Researcher's record to remain as 'affiliated' but will remove it from the portal and smart harvesting.
    These changes can be applied manually to the researcher record or by using the 'Update Researchers' job with the <portal_profile>,<auto_capture>, research_center> data elements.

    Additional Information

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    • Article last edited: 2-Feb-2022
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