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    Quick Guide for Researcher Profiles in Esploro

    This page gives a brief overview for the common tasks that a researcher can do in Esploro profiles.

    • For a quick administrators guide (including working with and configuring the research hub, configuring profiles, etc.) see here.
    • For basic training videos that walk you through the essentials of Esploro, see here.

    The actions described below require you to be logged into the profile.

    As a researcher I want to... Where do I go? Image Where can I get more information?
    Add and edit personal and professional information on my profile (Overview tab) including images, ORCID id, password, etc.
    1. From the login dropdown menu in the header select Settings.

    2. Edit profile button
    (above the profile picture)

    Edit profile page.

    The recommended dimensions for the profile image are
    200 x 200 pixels. 

    The recommended file size is less than 1MB.

    More info

    Deposit and edit content on my profile:
    • Output
    • Projects
    • Activities
    Select the Add Content button

    ADD CONTENT button for profiles.

    More info

    Export output from my profile
    1. On the Output tab select the Actions menu (More options) and choose Export Asset
    (for a specific asset)

    2. On the Output tab select Export All (for all assets)


      Export asset option in the actions menu for profile. 

    2. Export all option for assets.

    Generate CV from my profile On the main profile page select
    Create CV.
    Create cv from profile. More info
    Communicate with admins regarding my output
    From the Actions menu (More options) select the Messages option.
    NOTE: This is not available for drafts.

    Message icon on asset

    More info
    Upload asset lists in bulk
    Contact your administrator
    Search for grants in my research field
    Discover Funding button in the Profile header.
    NOTE: This feature requires integration with Pivot-RP
    Discover Funding button on profile. More info
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