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    Adding and Editing Content on a Profile


    The following pages describe how a researcher can add content such as assets and projects, directly from their profile. Content can be added to a profile from many sources, for example by an Administrator, Smart Harvesting, etc.

    To add assets to a profile see here.

    To add projects to a profile see here.

    To add activities to a profile see here.

    Adding Information in Multiple Languages on the Portal

    For a video showing how to add fields in additional languages to projects and activities see here.

    For a video showing how to add abstracts and keywords in multiple languages see here.

    You can add information to the title, description and keywords in multiple languages for the following areas:

    • Projects
    • Activities

    This feature works on multilingual environments only. For configuring multilingual environments see here.

    To Add Information in an Additional Language:
    1. Select the plus icon at the top of the section.
    2. Select the language from the searchable drop down list.

      Add language for editing project information.

      Add Language for Editing Information
    3. Add the information in the new language.

      Title updated to French.

      Updated Title

    You cannot save a language without adding information to the input field. If you delete a language, information that was added in that language will also be deleted.

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