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    Working with Media Mentions

    A user must have the following role to manage media mentions:
    • Media Mentions Manager

    This page describes working with media mentions in Esploro. For a video on working with media mentions see here. For configuring media mentions see here.

    The Media Mentions feature is for Esploro Advanced Edition customers.

    You manage media mentions on the Media Mentions page. To open this page, search for media mentions; see Searching in Esploro.

    Media Mention search results full.png

    Media Mentions Search Results

    The Media Mentions page displays a record list of media mentions; for more information about record lists, see Record Lists

    By default, the media mentions are sorted according to an internal ranking mechanism that is based on Apache Solr; for more information, see Ranking factors include:

    • Term Frequency – The higher the search term frequency in the media mentions' metadata, the higher the score.
    • Inverse Document Frequency – The rarer a search term is across all media mentions' metadata in the index, the higher its contribution to the score.
    • Coordination Factor – The more search terms found in the media mentions' metadata, the higher its score.
    • Field Length – The more words a field contains, the lower its score. This factor penalizes assets with longer metadata field values.

    You can change the sort using the Sort by and Secondary Sort by drop-down lists, using the following options:

    The Media Mention Date sort uses a special hierarchy for determining the sort since some date fields may be empty. The hierarchy of date fields used to determine the sort is:

    Note that this same hierarchy is used to identify the date that appears in the media mentions search results as shown in the illustration above.

    • Rank
    • Title – Asc
    • Title – Desc
    • Record Update Date – Asc
    • Record Update Date – Desc
    • Media Mention Date – Asc
    • Media Mention Date – Desc

    Media Mention Icons 

    The following icon may appear beside an media mention:

    • Not publicly visible.png – Not publicly visible, either due to status, an access right restriction or a suppression of the media mention from display.

    Media Mention Actions

    The actions available for each media mention depend on your user role, the media mention's status, and other details about the media mention. The actions are:

    • Delete (Media Mentions Manager only) – Delete the asset.
    • Edit – Edit the media mention.

    Adding Media Mentions

    You can add media mentions on the Add Media Mentions page (Repository > Media Mentions > Add Media Mentions). 

    Add Media Mention.png

    Add Media Mention

    The Media Mention page consists of eight sections: Media Mentions Details, Associated Researchers, Associated Institution Academic Units, Associated External Organizations, Description and Research Topics, Links to the Media Mention, Files, and Comments.

    Media Mention Details

    The Media Mentions Details sections includes the following fields:

    • Media Mention Title - This mandatory field is the title you give the media mention.
    • Media Mention Type - The drop-down list is populated from the Media Mention Types table. See Media Mention Types.
    • Media Mention Date - You must enter at least a beginning or end date for the media mention.
    • Media Platform - The drop-down list is populated from the Media Platform Types table. See Media Platform Types.
    • Language - Select the language of this media mention.
    • Reporter - Enter the reporter name.
    • Media Source - Enter the source of this media mention.
    • Coverage - The drop-down list is populated from the Media Coverage Types table. See Media Coverage Types.
    • Country - Select the country for this media mention.
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