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    Analytics Webinars for Esploro

    The Esploro Analytics Webinar series is intended to provide learning opportunities for Esploro Analytics operators at all levels. These sessions include information on using the Analytics menu and Analytics Objects list, building Analytics Analyses and Data visualization Workbooks and reviewing the Esploro Subject areas and Out of the Box reports and dashboards.  


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    To see all the available videos on the YouTube Playlist for Esploro Analytics Webinar Series - click here.  


    Sessions List

    Session Name Audience Supporting material

    Date & Registration -

    The Americas and Europe

    EMEA / NA

    Date & Registration -
    Asia Pacific



    Introduction session to Esploro Analytics and Data Visualization Analytics Consumers, Designers and Administrators An Introduction to Esploro Analytics and Data Visualization.pptx

    June 13th

    June 14th

    Recording (Vidyard)


    Recording of session 1 (YouTube)

    Creating and editing Analytics Analyses and Data Visualization Workbooks for Esploro Analytics Designers and Administrators

    How to Use Esploro Data Visualization to Analyze Research Asset Usage by Country and Time

    How to use Esploro Data Visualization to Analyze Research Assets which do and do not have abstracts

    June 27th


    June 28th


    Recording (Vidyard)


    Recording (YouTube)





    Using the Analytics Objects List to Create, Edit and Share Objects (Widgets, Scheduled Reports etc.) Analytics Designers and Administrators  

    July 11th


    July 12th


    Recording (Vidyard)


    Recording (YouTube)

    An overview of Esploro subject areas and out of the box reports Analytics Consumers, Designers and Administrators

    List of Esploro Subject Areas (Online Documentation)


    List of Out of the Box reports


    Esploro Analytics - Out of the box reports and Subject areas.pptx

    August 1st


    August 2nd


    Recording (Vidyard)


    Recording (YouTube)


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