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    Configuring Institution Settings

    This page is intended only for users who have administrative permissions.

    Customizing the Pivot-RP User Interface

    On the Custom Branding page (Admin > Institutional Settings > Custom Branding), you can add a main logo for the UI, newsletters, and funding alert emails. You can also change the colors of the primary navigation header bar in the UI and add a background image.  Colors for highlights for internal and limited submission opportunities can also be modified. Changes you make while configuring branding are reflected in your current session in the UI. However, these changes do not appear to other users until you save them.
    Please view our Custom Branding Guide for extensive information on what is customizable and how to customize the UI.
    In the following figure, you can see the logo in the top left, the primary color used in the navigation bar, and the secondary color used for the number of announcements and the Help link on the top right.  You can add additional custom links in the header.  The right hand panel is completely customizable with your own content.  Modify the text, colors, images, and links to promote your research office, resources, contacts and/or provide additional guidance for your users.
    custom branding example.jpg
    Custom Branding
    Custom branding for email alerts and newsletters:

    Using the Custom Branding page (see branding guide linked above), you may also add branding for the weekly email alerts that your users see as well as newsletters that you choose to send.

    If you may add an additional optional custom logo for weekly email alerts and/or an optional custom logo for newsletters.  This would be used if there was a reason you wanted different branding for email alerts and newsletters.  If you do not add a custom logo for alerts and newsletters, these emails will automatically use the primary logo and header colors you choose for the home dashboard page.  For most cases this will be the best choice.

    Custom branding email.jpg

    Email alert

    Configuring Institution Search Settings

    On the Search Settings page (Admin > Institutional Settings > Search Settings), you can set the default selected locations and citizenship requirements for user searches. When users search for funding opportunities, the locations and citizenship requirements you select on this page are selected by default. The user can still change or clear these selections when they search.


    Search Settings

    To change either setting, select Edit, enter or select/clear the locations, and select Save.

    Creating a Global Message and Site Announcements

    Creating a Global Message

    To add a global note that appears on all funding opportunities:

    You add, edit, or delete a global note on the Global Message page (Admin > Institutional Settings > Global Message).


    Global Message

    Managing Announcements

    Announcements are seen by all users at your institution. They can be used to notify users about events or important information such as training or help.

    The Pivot-RP development team occasionally adds announcements about new features and release that are visible to all administrators at all institutions. These announcements are not visible to non-administrator users.

    You add, edit, or delete announcements on the Manage Announcements page (Admin > Institutional Settings > Announcements).


    Manage Announcements

    Announcements appear in a popup when a user selects Announcements in the Top Navigation area.


    Home Page with Announcements

    To delete an announcement, select Edit in the announcement's row, select Delete Announcement, and select Save.

    Configuring Full Text Linking

    Your library can configure a link to appear that must be clicked to access the full text of an article. To configure this, select the Enable linking checkbox and enter your library’s unique OpenURL link resolver base URL. If you do not know this URL, ask your library for assistance.


    Configuring Full Text Linking

    Configuring full text linking requires the Manage Full Text URLs privilege.

    Adding a Funding Opportunity Search Widget to Your Website

    You can create a widget to add to your website. The widget displays a search field that your site visitors can use to search Pivot-RP for funding opportunities. After they select Search in the widget, they are directed to a search results page on Pivot.

    You create this widget on the Funding Opportunities Search Widget page (Admin > Tools > Widgets > Funding Opportunities Search Widget).


    Funding Opportunities Search Widget

    Follow the on-screen text to customize the widget. A preview of the widget appears on the site. When you are finished customizing the widget, select Create Widget and copy the code that appears in the box to your website.

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