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Admin Dashboard

This page is intended only for users who have administrative permissions.

This Admin Dashboard contains the following configuration sections.

The Admin Menu

An an administrator, you see some additional options in various areas of Pivot-RP. The most prominent and most important of these is the Admin menu option and Admin dashboard.


Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard contains various features that are explained in this guide. To refer to an option within the Admin dashboard, this documentation lists its path, for example: Admin > Reports> Accounts > User Accounts.

The links in the Admin dashboard are as follows.

  • Reports

    • Usage and Activity Stats – Daily and monthly summary along with a rolling 30-days of page views and sessions. See Usage and Activity Stats.

    • Funding Alerts

      • Alert History – Weekly statistics on users receiving alerts about funding opportunities, by opportunity and by user. See Funding Alert Report.

      • Alert Statistics – Weekly statistics on funding alerts according to various user and alert types. See Alert Statistics.

    • Funding Opps

      • Tracked Opps – Funding opportunities currently marked as tracked, by opportunity and by user. See Tracked Opps Report.

      • Opps You Shared – Funding opportunities that were shared, by opportunity and by user (recipient). See Shared Opps Report.

      • Funding Activity Stats – Daily and monthly stats on funding opportunity activity. See Funding Activity Stats.

      • Funding Searches – Daily and monthly stats on quick and advanced searches for funding opportunities. See Funding Searches.

      • Notes & Internal Deadlines – Funding opportunities with notes added by you or any administrator. See Funding Note Report.

    • Accounts

    • Profiles

      • Profile Claims – Daily and monthly stats on profile claims. See Profile Claims.

      • Profile Searches – Daily and monthly stats on quick and advanced searches for profiles. See Profile Searches.

      • Downloadable Profile Report – Download a report of your institution's profiles information. For more information, see Viewing Pivot-RP Reports and Statistics.

  • Institutional Settings

    • Search Settings – Configure the default selected locations and citizenship requirements for user searches. See Configuring Institution Search Settings.

    • Global Message – Configure a global note that appears on all funding opportunities. See Creating a Global Message.

    • Announcements – Announcements can be used to notify users about events or important information such as training or help. See Managing Announcements.

    • Admin Accounts – Select or clear specific privileges from an administrator or remove administrator privileges from a user. See Managing User Administrator Privileges.

    • Custom Branding – Add a main logo for the UI, newsletters, and funding alert emails, change the colors of the primary navigation header bar in the UI, and highlight internal and limited submission opportunities. See Customizing the Pivot-RP User Interface.

    • Full Text Linking – Add your library's link resolver information to enable full text linking from profile publication lists. See Configuring Full Text Linking.

    • RP News Integration – Configure the News tab to access either free or subscription content. Research Professional News is a subscription service, but also makes some free content available to non-subscribing institutions. If you want to display the News tab in Pivot-RP, select Display News tab on the RP News Integration page.

  • Groups

    • Manage Groups – A shortcut to see your groups (this is like selecting Groups in the user menu). See User Groups.

  • Education & Training

  • Statistics

    • Overview – TBD

    • Publications – TBD

    • Grants – TBD

  • Tools

  • Manage Gallery

    • Manage Gallery – When selected, it opens the Pivot Gallery Settings page in another window to configure the Pivot Gallery. See Pivot Gallery.

When working with any of these features (except for Manage Gallery), the Admin dashboard continues to appear as a submenu under the main menu.


Admin Submenu on Search Settings Page

An administrator can enable or disable another administrator's privilege to perform each kind of administration action (including enabling/disabling privileges). Before attempting to perform any administration action, ensure that your privilege to perform that action is enabled. See Creating an Account.

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