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Admin Onboarding Toolkit

Welcome to Pivot-RP™

We would like to thank you for offering Pivot-RP to your users. To help you increase awareness and usage of Pivot-RP at your institution, we created the following list of important links and a variety of promotional materials for you to use right from the start.

Key Resource Links

Admin Checklist

As a new Pivot-RP Admin you will have already received email on how to login with your credentials.  Once you have logged in, you can change your password by selecting your name in the upper right-hand corner and then selecting change account info.

  • Login to Pivot-RP

  • Review your Admin dashboard

  • Customize the Pivot-RP interface to match your institutional branding

  • Include Pivot-RP message on your institution’s website – (see message section)

  • Add a search box for Pivot-RP on your Website

  • Review the Pivot-RP  YouTube tutorials

  • Train your fellow admins on Pivot- RP

  • Assign others to be admins (see instructions below)

  • Review the types of reporting Admins can review in the console

  • Review the simple checklist on how ways to engage with: (see checklist below)

  • Once you become more familiar with Pivot-RP, add links to your curated searches (video)

Pivot-RP Customized Branding

The Pivot-RP Interface is intuitive for research to easily complete searches and find funding for their work while allowing the Institution to highly customizable the interface to match internal branding, provide multiple resources links and information specific for their community.

For information on how how to update your institution's interface, see the custom branding guide.

How to Make Other Users a Pivot-RP Admin

Any admin can designate another user as an admin, so long as they already have a Pivot-RP user account, by following these steps:

Log into Pivot-RP

To elevate a user to be an administrator:
  1. On the User Accounts Report page (Admin > Reports > Accounts > User Accounts), select make admin in a user's row to make the user an administrator (if the user is already an administrator, this option does not appear for that user). The 'Admin features for' page appears, enabling you to select or clear specific privileges from the administrator.

  2. Search the user you want to make an admin and select "make admin" in a user's row to make the user an administrator (if the user is already an administrator, this option does not appear for that user). The Admin Features For page appears, enabling you to select or clear specific privileges from the administrator.

*The privilege Basic Admin Account Feature is selected by default and cannot be removed. View the tooltip in this row to see the actions granted by this privilege. The other privileges refer to other areas of administrator that are covered in this guide and are self-explanatory.

**Select any additional privileges to grant this administrator. As noted in the confirmation dialog box, the user must log in and out of Pivot-RP before these changes take effect. The privileges can found here.

Ways to Introduce Pivot-RP to Your Community

Use this check list to help you get started

  • Host training sessions

    • 1:1, once a month or on request

  • Consider your audience

    • Deans of Research

    • Department Chairs/Heads

    • Department Admins

    • Academic Advisors

  • Topics to cover

    • Short Pivot-RP introduction (power point)

    • Live demo: search and refine searches

    • Find a profile, claim and update (preferably someone in attendance)

    • How to use Conferences & Papers

  • Follow up:

    • Add recording to your website

Faculty On-Boarding Check List

  • Attend new faculty orientation programs

  • Set up Pivot-RP “information sessions”

  • Find out their area of focus

  • Create curated searches based on their interests

  • Show how to claim their profile

  • Add new faculty to existing group lists or create new ones

  • Don’t forget to set up a training session for returning faculty as a refresher

  • Put posters up where faculty hang out

Pivot-RP Messaging: Sample Text for Institutional Website

As a Pivot-RP subscriber, it is a good time to include a description of Pivot-RP on your institutional website and links to key resources.

Here are messaging options which that help you promote Pivot to your users.

Promotional Headlines

Pivot-RP connects scholars to funding opportunities!  

Turn opportunities into outcomes with Pivot-RP

Pivot-RP delivers the right funding opportunities to the right researchers to increase success rates. 

Short Description Options

Option 1: Pivot-RP advances research with an expert-curated global collection of funding with powerful discovery tools.

Option 2: Pivot-RP allows you to discover funding opportunities and potential collaborators around the world while also guiding strategic planning with timely and trusted information from Research Professional News.

Turn opportunities into outcomes with Pivot-RP

  • Search the most trusted, expert-curated source of funding information

  • Funding opportunities are comprehensive in content type and global in scope

  • Save searches and Track funding opportunities

  • Discover collaborators

  • Get tailored funding recommendations and alerts

  • Gain insights from previously awarded grants

  • Inform your funding strategies with our authoritative global funding news and analysis service

Pivot-RP Logos

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