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    Peer Reviewed in CDI

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    In CDI, records are marked as Peer Reviewed if they are published in a journal that is marked as Refereed/Peer-Reviewed in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (Ulrichsweb).

    Ulrich's is an authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information on more than 300,000 academic and scholarly journals, and uses the following categories for journals: Academic/Scholarly, Reviewed, and Refereed/Peer-Reviewed). For more information, please see Ulrichsweb: Glossary of Terms. For CDI, we use only the Refereed/Peer-Reviewed category as the basis for the Peer Reviewed indication in CDI.

    In addition to the journal-level indication from Ulrich's, CDI also provides a Peer Reviewed indication from few other providers’ source records:  ERIC, Onepetro, Erau digitalcommons and Almandumah.

    All records that are associated with an ISSN for a Journal or a Series that is Refereed/Peer-Reviewed are marked as Peer Reviewed in CDI. While most records are journal articles, the indicator can also appear for other content types such as reviews and book chapters that are part of a peer-reviewed series. 

    The Peer Reviewed indication in CDI appears for the record in both the Brief and Full views. In addition, It is possible to filter searches by peer-reviewed articles. On rare occasions, a CDI record may not show the Peer Reviewed indication although it is marked as such in Ulrich’s. Such cases are usually due to matching errors that can, for example, be caused by metadata differences. Our content team runs regular checks to ensure a high level of accuracy, but if you find such cases, please open a Support ticket.

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