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    Open Access Content in CDI

    The Open Access flag in CDI is managed at the record level. It has no relation to the collection’s Open Access flag in Alma/SFX, and it does not determine whether an active link goes to an open access collection or a subscription database. This allows documents that have been published as open access by the author (such as to comply with funding requirements) to be flagged as open access regardless of whether the document is also available from subscription platforms or aggregator databases. 

    Depending on the content provider data feed, a merged record in CDI can consist of participants in which some of them, but not all, are marked as open access. If at least one participant in the merged record is marked as open access, the merged record itself will also be marked as open access for the reason given above. 

    The Open Access flag has functional implications in the following places:

    • Link priority – Links from “Link in Record” collections will be treated as open access links if the participant record (where the link is coming from) is marked as open access. If the library has access to a subscription link and an Open Access link, the subscription link (link in record or OpenURL) will be given precedence. For more details, see The Link Rules.

    • Proxy settings – Links from “Link in Record” collections that are marked as open access will not use any proxy settings defined in Primo/Primo VE if you use the setting to exclude open access links from being redirected via the proxy.

    In addition, the Open Access flag is used for the Open Access facet in the user interface.

    Managing Open Access Collections on Alma/SFX

    In Alma and SFXAdmin, collections have an Open Access indication in the full text rights field at the Collection level. This indication is descriptive and not functional because, as described above, the Open Access indication in CDI is handled at the record level. There is no functional relationship between the collection-level flag and the record-level flag. The purpose of the collection-level indication is to assist librarians in selecting collection activations and subscriptions. 

    For each collection, we currently specify the following full text indications for Access Rights:

    • Open Access – Indicates that most of the content is Open Access, but a small portion (less than 5%) may or may not be restricted.

    • Partially Open Access – This is a new option that is used when CDI has mixed collections where some of the records are available as Open Access while other records are restricted or have no access to full text.

    • Subscription (Collection Level) – Requires a subscription to access to full text.

    • Subscription (Link Resolver) – Requires a subscription and full text linking is provided by the link resolver.

    Partially open access collections should be treated with caution because they can cause problems with linking, especially if they do not have portfolios in Alma and SFX and are using the link in record. Activating such a collection will lead to its entire content to be flagged as available in CDI. Unless flagged as open access, the link in record will take precedence over linkresolver links and may lead to incorrect linking.  Where possible we separate the open access and the paywalled content and create two different collections, one for open access and one for paywalled content to give you control over which content you want to expose to your users. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. We recommend activating partially open access collections only in exceptional cases in which the benefit of finding this content outweighs any possible linking issues for your users.

    Institutional Repositories

    The responsibility for the metadata quality of institutional repositories is on the contributing institution and we will not make any record corrections, including OA indications, unless it is a major issue which affects the entire collection. You can read more here: Institutional Repositories in CDI.

    Remove Proxy Prefix for Open Access Links 

    Linking in CDI is supported either by the Alma/SFX Link Resolver or by the link within the records. The proxy configuration is managed accordingly in two different places. Both places allow to create exceptions for records that are flagged as open access.

    The removal of the Proxy as configured above will occur at the record level, based on the indication of the participant record the link is coming from. If the link in the record is not coming from a participant marked as open access, the Proxy will not be removed. 

    • Article last edited: 14-Dec-2020
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