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How to Add Local Search field in Primo VE

  • Product: Primo



How do I add a new search field in Primo VE?


Define a Local Field for search:

1. Go to Alma Configuration > Discovery > Other > Local Fields using Search and Facet Normalization Rules > Add: Local Field 01

2. Go to Alma Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration: Manage Display and Local Fields > +Add Field > Add local field

3. The Define Local Field form opens > The Field to edit* parameter shows local_field_01

4. Add a display label (mandatory) 

5. Under Local field details, check the tickbox for the following fields: Enable field for search and Enable field for facet

6. Edit: MARC21 normalization rule for search and facet


7. Update Placeholder normalization content, for the field you want to be searchable (e.g. 088_a "Report ID no."): 

rule "Primo VE Marc - Lsr01"
MARC is "088"."a"
create pnx."search"."ReportID" with MARC "088"."a"

8. Click Save

9. Click Apply Rules from the top of the Manage Display and Local Fields page:


10. Some local fields are pre-indexed (009, 09X, 490, 5XX, 69X, 9XX) - (see Managing Display and Local Fields for Primo VE- below) 

11. When adding a search for MARC fields not included in #10 above, indexing will be required to update the records with the new local search field. In that case, you will need to create a set of records and provide them to Ex Libris for indexing.

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