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Updating a Local Primo From An Old Version To The Current Release

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We have a local installation of Primo, and we are multiple releases behind the current Primo release.  What's the best way to apply multiple service packs to get Primo up to the current release?


Once started, the Service Pack installation process is not incremental, it will apply all releases up to the current release.  We recommend taking the following steps before you get started.

Environment Checks

If any of the following conditions exists, please contact Support before running the service pack update process by submitting a Case via the Support Portal:

  • Your Primo is on release earlier than Primo Version 4.5.2;
  • Your Primo environment does not meet the minimum requirements outlined in the "Requirements for Primo Installation" document;
  • Your Primo environment does not have the  minimum 8 GB RAM required, or you are experiencing performance issues while using the Primo interface, or you experience slowness during the pipe/indexing processes;
  • You are close to maximizing your disk space utilization.


  • Once you have chosen when to run the Service Pack update process, please submit a new Primo Case and share your target date in advance so you can alert us to your plans, and ask any questions before or after the process runs;
  • Perform a Cold Backup of your Primo before you begin;
  • Some downtime is expected, and the duration will depend on how many releases you are behind the current release, and the specifications of your environment.  It's difficult to predict this, but plan for approximately 1-3 hours of downtime.

Executing the Service Pack Update

  1. DO NOT start the process by clicking the update button in the Primo Back Office.  Use one of the following options:

UTIL-SP Option  (Recommended) Method

Manual SP Method (only use this option IF you have run it before and are comfortable using it)

  1. Once you have followed all the steps and the Service Pack updates are complete, it is necessary to log out of your SSh session to disconnect from the server.
  2. Login to the server and follow the instructions below to Re-index the database:
  3. IF YOU EXPERIENCE A PROBLEM DURING THE SERVICE PACK EXECUTION AND PRIMO IS DOWN, submit a new Case with Priority set to System/Component Down and describe the process you executed and the current state of your Primo, and reference your original Case number.

Follow-Up Steps

Once you have completed the process and are now on the current Primo release, we strongly recommend you get review the Primo release notes to get familiar with the changes that have happened since you last applied the update:

The Primo Roadmap updates are also a valuable resource:


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