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    PNX Record Sections

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. Only the Display, Facets, and Search sections are configurable in Primo VE. For more details, see Mapping to the Display, Facets, and Search Sections in the Primo VE Record.

    The following table lists the sections in the PNX record.
    Sections of the PNX Record
    Section Contains For additional information, refer to
    addata (additional data)
    Data elements required for a number of functions that cannot be extracted from other sections of the PNX.
    Data that is used to create the browse lists.
    Formatted data that is used for control purposes.
    delivery (delivery and scoping)
    Data required for managing delivery and scoping for searches.
    Data displayed in the brief and full displays in the user interface (UI).
    dedup (duplication detection)
    A Dedup vector, which includes all the data required by the Duplication Detection algorithm to determine if two records are equivalent.
    Data required by the enrichment process.
    Data used to create faceted browsing in the UI.
    frbr (grouping)
    A FRBR vector, which includes one or more keys that identify the group it represents.
    Links that can be used to create the GetIT! functionality and/or links in the record display.
    Two booster fields that can be used to boost the ranking of the record.
    Metadata and full-text data that are indexed for searching purposes.
    Sort fields used as the basis for sorting the results set.
    Each of the above sections contains various fields. Multiple and repeatable fields of the source record can be concatenated to one field in the PNX record (such as the Display section) or stored in separate fields within the PNX record (such as the Search and Facets sections).
    In some cases, the system will take only one of the following fields:
    • All fields of the Control section.
    • All fields of the Sort section.
    • All fields of the Dedup and FRBR sections.
    • Delivery section – the Delivery category field.
    • All fields of the Ranking section.
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