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    Write-N-Cite (WnC) to RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) Migration

    Refworks users who work with Write-N-Cite (WnC) will be asked to upgrade to RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM). This process will involve deciding if documents need to be completed before upgrading, or if those documents should be migrated to RCM, allowing work to continue.  

    WnC users will install RCM via the Microsoft (MS) Office Store in MS Word. Once installed and the account is accessed, and the WnC document is opened, an automated process will begin the upgrade. 

    The upgrade process will convert the in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography of a WnC document into the equivalent RCM document. Users should save the new version of their document with a unique filename. 

    Users who are ready to proceed with an upgrade should first save a copy of the document in MS Word.


    • The document should be upgraded to RefWorks WNC from legacy WNC before it can be migrated to RefWorks RCM.

    • Citations in tables and figures cannot be updated via the migration process.

    • Track Changes must be disabled in document before starting the WNC to RCM migration process.

    • Once a document is upgraded from WnC to RCM, it cannot be edited using WNC.

    • If the document is edited by multiple users, all must have access to RCM.

    • The WnC to RCM migration is unavailable in Word Online.

    Upgrade this document Message.

    Upgrade this document Message

    Errors that may be Encountered During the Upgrade Process

    Login or Credentials Errors

    User must log into WnC and RCM with the same RefWorks account credentials. If logged into WnC and RCM with different login credentials, or with old legacy RefWorks credentials, an error message will notify the user how to proceed.

    RefWorks Login Error Message.

    RefWorks Login Error Message

    RefWorks RCM Credentials Error Message.

    RefWorks RCM Credentials Error Message

    RefWorks Credentials Error Message.

    RefWorks Credentials Error Message 

    Bibliography Only Error

    The upgrade process will stop when a document contains bibliography only references. When the document contains bibliography only references the process may be continued, but the bibliography only references will be lost.

    Bibliography Only References Message.

    Bibliography Only References Message

    Missing References Error

    The upgrade process will stop when a document contains references which are not saved in RefWorks. All references in the document must be saved in RefWorks to be recognized and saved in the document.

    References Missing in RefWorks Error Message.

    References Missing in RefWorks Error Message

    Process Interrupted Error

    You will be notified if the process is interrupted. Please, check your connection and try again. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support

    Process Interrupted Error Message.

    Process Interrupted Error Message

    Successful Upgrade

    When all WnC to RCM upgrade criteria are met, you will be notified that your document is being upgraded, followed by a success message.

    Upgrade in Progress and Success Messages.

    Upgrade in Progress and Success Messages
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