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    Getting Started

    The definition of words in italics can be found in the glossary.

    *Research Professional is an online database of research funding opportunities and a source of international research policy and practice news.

    Accessing the site

    Campus access: Whilst on-campus, you will be taken directly to the “Home” page of *Research Professional.

    Log in: When entering the site on-campus, you will be free to browse our news and funding content freely but prompted to input your username and password if attempting to save work or access any personalised information. Alternatively, the 'Log in' page can be accessed directly by clicking ‘Log in’ in the top right-hand corner of any page.

    Register: You can create an account by clicking 'Register' via the 'Log in' page. This can only be done on-campus. If you are working remotely you need to connect to the VPN and then click 'Register'.

    Off-campus access: You will be required to enter your username and password before having access to the site. Alternatively, you can access the site using your Institutional credentials. Please see below "Log in with your university account".

    Log in with your university account: If your institution has single sign-on integration, you can log in with the same account used to access other university resources and materials. To learn more about single sign-on, please click here.

    Searching for funding opportunities

    To view funding opportunities, click on the ‘Funding’ tab in the top toolbar. You have two ways of searching:

    Simple Search: This allows you to type in search terms freely. Suggested disciplines, funders, and free text will appear as you type.

    Advanced Search: This allows you to search with a combination of various criteria to build complex searches and fine-tune your results.

    Once you have created your search you can save the search by clicking on the ‘Save’ button, generate an email alert based on search criteria by clicking ‘Save and Alert’, or save an individual funding opportunity by clicking on the ‘Bookmark’ button.

    For more information on any of the above including search tips, take a look at our funding page.

    Searching for news content

    News content can be found by clicking on the "News" tab in the top toolbar. Here you will find news organised under a number of topic headings. The first page will detail the latest content, along with navigation options allowing you to focus on a particular topic area.

    You can receive updates on a topic, such as “Europe” or “Views”, by navigating to the relevant topic page and clicking the ‘Email me updates’ button. Clicking this will register you for daily updates collected in a single email. The "Email me updates" button will now have changed to the "Turn off updates" button. Clicking this again will stop you from receiving further updates.

    For more information on news, take a look at our news page.

    Our Institution

    The “Our Institution” section contains shared resources created by individuals at your institution with administrator rights. Here you should be able to find collections of shared resources, and view other users at your institution under the “People” tab. If your institution has subscribed to the Networked service then you will also be able to view “Our Hierarchy”, on the right, with further workgroup pages, and the magazine section.

    For more information on the “Our Institution” section, take a look at the Our Institution page.

    Managing your profile settings

    To access your profile, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the page. You will be presented with four options:

    Edit profile

    Update password

    Email alerts

    Articles: saved searches and bookmarks

    Funding: saved searches and bookmarks

    For more information, take a look at the My Profile page.

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