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    Title Alerts

    The following user roles are required to work with title alerts:

    • All roles have rights to work with Title Alerts except Selector Limited and Purchasing Operator.

    Title Alerts enables staff to create lists of titles for review according to a user-defined query and ranking. Differing from recommendation feeds, title alerts create a finite set of titles drawn up at predefined intervals—weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Users can optionally be emailed when new alerts are created. 

    Rialto staff (typically selectors) define Title Alerts to be notified of new titles published in areas of their interest. Title Alerts are created per user, but staff selectors share them with other staff members. Only Rialto administrators have access to the entire list of university Title Alerts. 

    Each time the Title Alert runs, it gathers offers that match the query and sorts them by the configured ranking profile (choosing the best offer for each work). These offers are saved to a list named after the search date. The lists do not contain offers from works returned on past lists. Any staff attached to the list are notified via email and a system pop up that new results are available. All staff can see a Title Alert badge on an offer from an active Title Alert list.

    Selectors review the lists, performing standard actions on titles they are interested in. Lists can then be deleted when the review is complete.

    An archived Title Alert is deleted a year after its archival.

    Editing a Title Alert

    Once a Title Alert has been created, it is displayed on the Title Alerts page. On this page, you can edit the alert.

    To edit a Title Alert
    1. Access the Title Alerts page: Market > Title Alerts.
    2. Click the row actions (More_Options_Bt.png) button and select Edit.
      Edit the Alert as follows:
      1. To edit rules and alert configurations, see Configuring the Recommendations Feed Profile.
      2. To edit the alert's Ranking, see Managing Ranking Profiles.
      3. To edit the alert's Cart options, see Shopping Cart Options.
    3. Click Save.

    Reviewing Title Alerts


    All users may view and manage Title Alerts that their user has been subscribed to. Rialto Administrators may view all Title Alerts. Users may configure Title Alerts or navigate to current and past results.

    Review_w-more options_Title_Alerts.png

    Reviewing Title Alerts


    Selectors may view a list of alerts they have created or been attached to. Administrators may view all configured alerts. For each alert, staff can view:

    • Name: links to the last run
    • Description
    • Date created
    • Date last reviewed
    • Number of offers in the last-run list


    For each alert, staff may perform the following actions:

    • Edit (Links to configuration page for the list, including query and all attributes)
    • Review Last Results (Links to results of last run)
    • Review All Results  (Displays all offers on a single list from all previous runs that have not been deleted)
    • History (Shows a list of past lists with date ranges)

    When navigating to History, staff is presented with a list of past results. Each list will be named based on the date the list was created. Each list will display:

    • Date run (link to results on that list)
    • Number of offers in the list
    • The list status (New, Viewed)

    For each list, staff may perform the following actions:

    • Review (Links to results of chosen run).
    • Remove (Permanently deletes this list of results).

    When the Title Alert generates a list, all staff users who are marked as an owner are notified via email and in system pop up. To configure per user default notifications, see User Notifications in Rialto. Results are presented as standard offer lists (including typical facets, sort, search, bulk actions, and detail panels). 

    When reviewing the results of any list, users are presented with functions similar to typical offer lists. Users can:

    • Add to cart
    • Add to DDA
    • Add to list
    • Remove from list
    • Export titles on list

    All staff will see a Title Alert Badge on offers that are found on active Title Alert list. On hover, information about the Title Alert will display



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