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    May Release

    Offers Matching Your Holdings: Redesign 

    May 2020 Evaluation Tools

    Holdings information now pulls directly from your local holdings within Alma. The holdings matching the title, author, ISBN, and/or MMS ID will display in the holdings panel after performing a search. The same behind the curtain look-up occurs from feeds as well. There is no visible change to holdings matches from feeds. 

    Notable changes in display: The "In your Institution" indication continues to appear on the creative work, but it no longer appears on the individual offers. Please view the holdings panel holdings details. 

    In addition, the HOLDINGS panel no longer links Marketplace offers matching your current holdings. However, you can easily locate the matching offers manually. 

    See Locating Offers that Match your Holdings.

    Fund and Location Required for Selectors

    May 2020 Administration and Infrastructure

    The Rialto administrator can now determine whether indicating the fund and shelving location is mandatory or optional for Selectors in order to submit their cart for approval. This ensures that the information carries over in the cart to acquisition staff, eliminating a step for them. A new customer parameter, rialto_selector_location_and_fund_mandatory can be configured to support this. The default value of this customer parameter is false.

    Export Rialto Offer Lists

    May 2020 Administration and Infrastructure

    You can export lists of offers from Rialto to CSV files, in order to share them with other users or for use in alternative workflows.

    All the work/offer data displayed on the screen is exported to the CSV file. 

    • The only list that you cannot export to CSV is the shopping cart.
    • The number of exported records is limited to 100,000. When attempting to export more records than that, only the first 100,000 are exported. 

    Out Of Print Titles

    May 2020 Evaluation Tools
    A badge for Out Of Print titles was added. This applies to physical titles that are currently out of print and not available for purchase within Rialto. 
    Since these titles are not available for purchase, the Add to Cart option for them is disabled. 

    Not Yet Published Offer Details

    May 2020 Evaluation Tools
    The badge Not Yet Published was added to print titles that have been announced but are yet to be available. This badge appear on offers in Search results and in feeds, lists, and carries over to the cart to ensure that acquisitions staff is aware as well. When placing your cursor over the badge, the anticipated publish date is shown. This date also appears within an offer data on the Details pane.
    anticipated date.jpg
    Rialto allows you to place in Cart and to order a not-yet-published title. When ordering, if the supplier accepts advanced orders, Rialto places the order on backorder with a supplier. If this is not an option, Rialto attempts to re-order approximately every 30 days. To know the order status of the not-yet-published title, check the status on the Order History page:
    Purchased title.png

    Additional Information from Leganto Reading Lists

    May 2020 Purchase Requests
    When placing orders in Rialto from Leganto reading lists, the course details appear in the Purchase Request pane alongside the Rialto search results, enabling you to make an informed decision while evaluating a purchase request, without having to navigate away from the Rialto. 
    See Ordering from Purchase Requests.


    The course details in the Purchase Request pane

    Classification on Offer Details

    May 2020 Evaluation Tools
    You can now see the Dewey classification and Library of Congress Subjects within offer details. 
    Dewey and LC in book details.jpg
    Dewey classification and LC subjects in offer details

    Ranking Configuration Updates 

    May 2020 Profiles and Ranking
    An additional criteria is now available for use when constructing a ranking profile - "Predicted to be of interest to your institution". This new computed ranking method combines your local holdings and usage with Rialto's powerful predicted sales algorithm to boost offers that are not only predicted to be highly acclaimed, but also of specific interest to your university. 
    We have also removed the "Buzz" ranking. Please update any ranking profiles that are currently using "Buzz." 

    Formal Platform Names 

    May 2020 Evaluation Tool
    You can now see the the formal branded names of content platforms in the Facets pane, offer details, and profile criteria. 

    platform names.jpg

    Platform brand names in profile criteria


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